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You likely found us on the first page of Google …. this is not a coincidence … we work hard and continue to grow our brand to stay ahead of the competition.  We look forward to working with you to achieve your dream and to build your brand new website!

Many factors are considered when pricing a website:

An experienced and an award-winning design team such as ours is in demand and the price may be different from hiring a technician with little experience. If you are searching for a new website designer, ask to review samples of their work. Additionally, look over their testimonials from clients and ask permission to contact a company who used their services.  If they refuse to share this information, this could be a red flag to avoid this designer. This careful study can assure you of a positive outcome. You do get what you pay for so don’t jump at the most inexpensive option. Compare each proposal and what is included to understand their pricing method.

Your new site should be search engine friendly and available on computer, I-pad, I-phone, and tablet views. Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine submission should included in all design packages.

Website Functionality and Custom Programming:

The cost of the website will depend largely upon the required functionality needed. Knowing this will help the designer to accurately quote the project. Websites that require custom programming and integration techniques will require more programming time and thus will cost more than a site not needing this technique. Custom programming, e-commerce sites and  3rd party systems require this integration.

The process could require a simple pre-built connection or it could be more complex and need a one of a kind custom program developed. A design consultation can determine just how much is needed and give you a better idea of the final costs.

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website costs

You’ll need a domain name (your website address or URL). The cost will vary from $9.00 to approximately $15 per year.  Inside Design Orlando will help you select just the right domain name which will serve you well into the future. The value of any domain name increases with age.  Do not be scammed into buying domain names for the sake of owning them. The domain name considered by search engines is the primary domain associated with the website.  Additional “pointer domains” can be bought but do not bring any value unless each and every one is associated with an individual website.

The hosting account is the place where your website is stored online. There are three primary types of servers, shared, virtual private, and dedicated.  If you choose “shared” hosting the cost is less because you will be sharing resources with other websites.  A shared hosting plan runs about $7.00 per month. A virtual private server (VPS) is better since you’re not sharing resources and your website will run more efficiently and faster. The VPS hosting services range from $30.00 to $60.00 per month. Clients running an E-Commerce site should definitely choose  a VPS account. A dedicated server will require a in-house IT team to maintain and is usually reserved for very large companies. The cost may run as much as $500 per year.

A small business website which might include 10 to 20 pages normally starts at around $2,000 and can run as much as $6,000 to $8,000 based upon the functionality, custom programming and graphics. A smaller client managed site with a few pages could be as low as $1,295 for the design.

Smaller projects take less time to build and you may be scheduled for an informal meeting at our Apopka home office with an Award Winning multi-media designer (by appointment only). Once we meet with you we’ll prepare a custom proposal for your project. Small business sites that require one designer and a marketing individual are more cost effective than hiring an entire team.

Larger corporate projects are referred to our team at “Second Form” located in downtown Orlando (by appointment only). There you will meet with a larger team of graphic designers and marketing individuals who will research your project and offer solutions for design, SEO, and customized programming. Larger projects can run from $20,000 and up depending upon the complexity of the project.

For the owner managed site, the site owner may add pages and functionality to the site as their business grows. See our Owner Managed Site package below. E-commerce site cost is based upon the amount of programming required and designer involvement. E-commerce site owners are required to learn the operation and maintenance of the software.

SEO methods are broken into two parts, 1) initial optimization of pages and programming during the design phase, and 2) ongoing SEO techniques like online ads, blogging, social media promotion, etc.  More sophisticated SEO will be billed per client needs. Hiring a great content writer is a huge plus for website owners who have no time to keep the content current. Other marketing strategies will be discussed at the consultation with the client.

Once we launch the site you must stay on top of site maintenance for the best search engine results.  Content changes can easily be done by the client if the site is an owner managed site. More advanced features and necessary changes to programming (PHP, HTML, CSS) must be done by the designer and this work will be charged on an hourly basis.

owner managed site

This option is for clients with a limited budget and wish to manage their own site.


  • optimized and designed within a content management system 

  • anyone in your company may add, edit, and remove content

  • you add pages and develop the site at your own pace

Inside Design Orlando will assist you in obtaining a hosting platform and domain name completely under your control. No third party involvement. For those clients with the time to maintain and manage their own site, this is the perfect option for you.

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designer managed site

This option is for businesses needing a customized CMS platform website, that is managed by the design firm.

  • optimized and designed within a content management system

  • design team creates all pages of the website

  • blog pages with category and archive capability

  • future changes and additions are performed by the design firm

Inside Design Orlando will assist you in obtaining a hosting platform and domain name if needed. Redesigned websites may be installed on existing business servers.

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e-commerce site

This option is for persons wanting to sell products online through a shopping cart website.

  • optimized and designed within a content management system

  • design team creates the page templates for the shop

  • design team installs the e-commerce software

  • the site owner manages all aspects of the online shop

  • online e-commerce software instruction manual provided

Inside Design Orlando will assist you in obtaining a hosting platform and domain name if needed. Redesigned websites may be installed on existing compatible servers.

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