Orlando Website Design Judges TSA!

Apr 30, 2011

Orlando Website Design and our team from Inside Design Orlando was honored to be judges this year for the annual TSA (Florida Technology Student Association).  Web design students from all over Florida entered websites to be judged.  Their content featured research on the Oil Spill both cause and effect.  We were surprised to see the amazing talent of these young students.  Our goal was to not only judge the proficiency of each team and their ability to produce a functional website,  but to also teach and inspire them to go on to greater heights in our industry.  The web design industry is lacking good developers.  Much of our custom design work is being done overseas in India, China and other nations more focused on custom work and the constant changes in today’s technology.
The winning team will be invited to join us for a day of design at our studio.  The winners will also be competing in  national competion.   Thank you TSA for offering us this great opportunity.  We had a blast and congratulate Joe Luciano (TSA  Administrator) and the TSA organization for bringing this young talent along.  Many of the students are the future of our industry. 
 Article written by:  Chief Creative Officer,  Jean Holland-Rose  & Multi-Media Designer and Programmer, Paul Brooks Rose, Inside Design Orlando an Orlando Website Design Company.


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