Orlando Website Design promotes jQuery Methods

Jul 11, 2011

Many clients are now choosing jQuery methods for animation rather than flash applications.  This method is chosen over flash methods because the jQuery animation effect  is easily viewed on all Apple products.  The flash animation is not visible on Apple Ipad, Ipods, etc. 
All Flash sites are still popular where the site optimization is not all that important.  Flash elements still enhance the look of websites and custom work will never be out of style.   Many URLs are well known and are not reliant upon SEO methods to attract visitors.  In this instance, Flash is the most popular choice.  
Drama and animation is still the top request for new clients when they are discussing their new design visions.  jQuery will work for these clients bringing them the same dramatic animation as flash (using jQuery slider effects).  We are always tasked with providing the most user friendly methods in web design and as many options become available there is always a solution if the client is willing to consider new methods.


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