Inside Design Orlando now offering mobi websites!

Jul 22, 2011

Mobile Websites may be the cost effective solution you’re looking for.   This may be an answer to getting your message out to your clients cost effectively.
How It Works:
A domain name is specifically set up for mobile browsers, and gives you the edge you need for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Each new mobi domain registered gets a new entry into the Intenet zone files.  This is what the search engines use to “scan” or search your website to determine your placement and visibility. 
Mobi sites are more user friendly than the normal website because the content is placed strategically to be viewed easily in one column.  This shows quickly on your mobile phones, etc.  You can quickly show off any strategic information relative to your unique business.  Mobil sites are more cost effective than the normal CSS site since there is less graphics and the site can be completed using fewer design hours.  Check into this method of advertising to create new revenue for your business. 
Have a website now?  Order a Mobi Site as well to increase your online visibility.
If you have a website now and wish to create an additional mobi site to reflect your website look and feel we are happy to discuss that as well.  Call us today and ask for a Mobi Site.   A cost effective solution for the future. 
 “Step Inside Design Orlando” for all of your business needs.


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