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Sep 22, 2011

Professionals agree that “great content” will elevate your site to a new level and provide a boost to conversion rate.  Although your logo, color scheme and layout are important, great content is the element that will bring success.
Make it a goal this year to hire a great copywriter to communicate effectively with your target audience.  Stand out from the crowd with amazing content.Many site owners agonize over graphics, flash, jquery changing images and other website items that will do nothing to increase your conversion rate. 

Content is Key!

Without a professional copywriter you are creating a less than professional first impression for your viewers. Spend money wisely by meeting with and choosing a professional to make your site unique.  Hire someone who is able to convey your message in a more effective way than that of your competitor.  A free lance writer or a professional with creative writing experience will make the difference. 
Your website designer will appreciate your attention to detail and with the professional content in hand, the developer can then use his or her graphic skills to display the new content in a favorable manner. Your designer is working (at any one time) on several sites for clients. If your content is ready, your designer will place your project well ahead of those that are waiting to determine page content. Work hours move on and you will be ahead of the curve.   The designer needs the content to support your message. Consider creating and sending all of the website content before spending time looking at images which are less important.
Article by “Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
InsideDesignOrlando.com, an Orlando website Design Company


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