Orlando Website News & Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct 18, 2011


Keep The Faith!

This month is breast cancer awareness month and we would like to congratulate our design partners, Rise Creative Group for being a big part of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Downtown Orlando on Sunday. Thanks Stephan, Dawn, Effrain and everyone who took part. We are so proud of you all.


Leak Doctor

It is so much fun designing mobile sites. Each and every one has it’s own flavor and uniqueness. Our current mobile project is now underway for the Leak Doctor. Established in 1993 as an Orlando, Florida company dedicated to applying the latest technology to leak detection and monitoring.
The staff and crew at the Leak Doctor are enjoying a great return on investment with their currrent site but were looking to step up their game a bit and offer their clients a new method to reach them.  They are going to be taking advantage of their QR Code by putting it on all of their new branding material when their new mobile site is launched.
Our New Client & SEO Products Available:
October is a great month here at InsideDesignOrlando. A special welcome to our newest client, Holiday Coach Lines of Ocoee, Florida. Their current site is very dated and we are working hard on their new layout and re-design. We have some great ideas for the new site as we are trying out some great new software to add a new dimension to the home page.  They are asking for a more updated look with jQuery and a few other bells and whistles.  
Once the site is designed we will be encouraging our client to meet with our design partners, Rise Creative Group to discuss some great SEO options moving forward.  Dawn and the staff offer social media campaigns and much more to keep our clients on top.  For more SEO information or to schedule an SEO session to discover what perks are available,  please call Dawn at 407.965.0689. 


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