Finding the right web design company in Orlando, Florida

Nov 18, 2011

Great Web Design

Looking for  a web designer is a daunting task if you have never had a website.  There are many good design companies.  Take your time and visit several to make sure you have a good comparison.
There are many good designers right here in our neighorhood to partner with you on your new website project.
Here are some things to look for when researching the field of home grown designers and programmers.
As you review each designers portfolio consider the following before planning a meeting.

1) Check out their online samples of work already done. Are all of their sites user-friendly and do each and every one load quickly? Good navigation and quick loading pages are a must for your new site.
2) Is there a way to check testimonials to make sure other clients were happy with their services. Beware of website designers and IT professionals not advertising their past work with access to previous clients. This may alert you to unhappy customers.
3) What was your first impression of the designer’s site? Was it pleasing to view and easy to follow and understand? Were all services listed on the home page?
4) Are they offering a bio and info on all people working for the firm (including design partners) and what accolades does the company claim fame to? Awards, testimonials, etc.
5) Do they have a staff photographer and free lance writers available for copywriting and blogging services?
6) Broken links on site samples can alert you to the fact that the website is not well maintained. This will cause your site to be ranked lower as search engine spider visit.
7) Website content should be concise and error free, consistent in font and font size from page to page. Non-consistency can make or break a website when it comes to visibility and search engine placement.
8)  Last but certainly not least, when you do call for more info, the company should at least offer you a “starting price point” for site design packages. Beware if you are not able to get this starting price. This may mean there are hidden costs.
9)  Ask if a wireframe will be provided if they are chosen for the project and if you will be able to offer your own vision with color, etc?
As you research design companies please consider us among those you may call and request a short visit.  No cost ever for a design consultation and we look forward to meeting you.
Have a happy week ahead!
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
InsideDesignOrlando, An Orlando Website Design Company since 2001.


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