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Dec 1, 2011

As we talk to those clients looking to increase their ranking on search engines, one of the first things we do is to critique their current website. They may be considering a new re-design or simply the answer to why their current site is not producing the traffic they were expecting.
When looking at a current site, we first check the content looking for great keywords and page content. Since the visitor only stays for a few seconds on the home page, the introductory message must be clear, concise and provide a complete explanation of the client’s services.   If this is not present it can be a hugh indicator as to why the traffic volume is very low. Page titles, good content with great key words user friendly to search engines must be present for ranking success.
We are always surprised when we see that no care was taken in making sure that good SEO technique was not followed or even considered in the process. The graphic design and animation seems to be the main thing that was considered. Our feeling is that we should build a site “for the viewer” ….not just for the site owner.
When the site is built completely for the site owner with no care or consideration for site content, and SEO technique, the traffic flow will be minimal. Clients normally have no knowledge when it comes to good SEO technique so it is our job as great webmasters to cover all criteria needed to drive traffic to the client. Although it is important that the first impression be a pleasing one, if the site builder pays no attention to the SEO technique the site will become no more than a pretty face…. At the end of the day our clients are actually expecting much more.
Remember that each search engine has its own criteria when ranking sites. All techniques should be considered since the search engines can be subjective and no one knows for sure the algorithms behind Google’s and other engine’s ranking criteria. No one technique is considered over another so great webmasters cover all bases when developing good SEO for the site.
Adding new content and having a blog page is also important to stay current on top search engines.  Hiring an outside blogger or SEO individual to change site content will also keep the site from losing visibility.  The bottom line is this.  Search engines put the sites at the top based upon how effective the site content displays.  Adding new content once or twice a week is also necessary if a client is expecting to compete with peers.  Social media has impacted all of us and technology and the changes must always be considered.
No silver bullet here ….just good continuing SEO education and attention to the changes that affect all websites.  Building the site is only the first step.  Maintaining good visibility is  an ongoing obligation if you expect to enjoy the top slots.  Visit our site often as we do our best to inform our visitors on the latest SEO requirements.
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer
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