Central Florida Web Design & The Impact of Graphics!

Dec 7, 2011

Website Design has come a long way when it comes to visual graphic presentation. The website look of today is not at all like the ones from even a year ago. The differences are very noticeable. This is the reason there are so many clients considering a re-design. As technology changes, so does the look and feel of website projects.  As browser size increased, so did the overall look of websites. Background choices today are leaning toward custom graphics and other eye appealing measures to get notice from viewers. There are many options available for background design.
Illustrations and original art work is used more and more now that visual appeal is center stage in web design. Graphic artists who were not used in the past are now called upon more and more for their creative ideas and talent. The more graphics are used, the more the personality of the site comes alive. Allowing the graphic items to flow over the top of the main background container is also a popular and beautiful choice for visual effect.
Consistency is at the forefront of great design. No matter how appealing a home page might be to the viewer, the rest of the website should not be overlooked for design elements which should follow through on all pages, thus creating a consistent look and feel. Special care should be taken when choosing a color palette for the site and the colors chosen should follow throughout all areas and pages of the design. Further, choosing a new font for the project may offer a new and interesting appeal to the overall website.
Background images if they are properly designed, may create a whole new dimension offering visual expertise and style. Adding this type of impact to the website creates a pleasing visual statement which will stay with the viewer long after they have left the site.


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