Social Media & Email Marketing Drives SEO for 2012

Dec 13, 2011

To reach major search engines like Google, etc. you will need to ramp up your social media advertising this year. Search engine optimization means that you have done a variety of measures to improve your rank on all major search engines. Investing in a great website design is only the first step in reaching your target audience. To gain a return on your investment (ROI) you must go further. Next you will concentrate on driving visitors to your personal website for the sole purpose of taking advantage of your services and/or products provided by your unique company.
Once your website is live, you are required to blog (post new content) about twice a week to begin attracting website traffic. You will also now want to set up your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. After the accounts are live, you will then have those social accounts linked to your website. In this way your visitor will have not just your website content to browse, but your social media sites as well. As a bonus, the search engine spiders will also be able to detect that you are now connected to other areas of social media (Facebook, etc).
Because Content is King ….you must blog each and every week to gain any exposure at all. Several hours a week should be set aside for this task. If you find that you do not have the time to devote to this endeavor, you will need to hire a professional blogger and/or content writer to keep your current website content up to date. Without doing this you will have no possibility of reaching your target audience and the investment in your website will be bring you no gain at all.
With no weekly blogging and no social media content, your website will be only a calling card. At least you can tell folks you meet that you have a website but don’t expect traffic without due diligence to the SEO requirements. Social Media Marketing is very powerful and not just something to do in your free time. To be competitive, this strategy is front and center in insuring that your website and your online experience is successful. Call our office at 407.405.4877 to inquire about hiring a professional SEO Technician. Hurry back …
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Strategist
Inside Design Orlando
An Orlando Website Design Company since 2011


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