Orlando Web Design discusses SEO Results and Their Meaning

Dec 21, 2011

What are Paid Results?
This occurs when the client signs up for and purchases advertising solutions (pay per click) etc. Specific keywords or phrases pertaining to their criteria are selected and purchased. These would then appear (most often at the top or on the right side) of the search engine home pages.  It is possible to rank higher by using this method but in my opinion since most folks read from left to right, many of the results are overlooked as only advertising. Instead, the viewer looks at the search results to the left (organic or natural results) on the first two pages of top search engines when making a choice to purchase goods and services on the web.
What Are Organic & Natural Search Results?
Organic or natural results occur when pages are indexed based upon content most often used by your customers, and using relevant key words in your  meta tags and blog posts.  This is in opposition to paid results based upon who paid the most money or purchased the most advertising to appear further up the page.  Clients bid on this paid advertising and this can be costly (ca ching ca ching ca ching) so to speak.  There is no need to pay for Organic or Natural Results.  Higher rank can be achieved by regularly adding creative blog posts to your site and by improving your SEO.  I feel organic results are more reliable and they better describe the client’s products or services available.  These results work because as you blog and as your optimize your site, you are using the most popular and common search terms most often used by those searching the web.
We all want site traffic and we also know that if our sites are not listed on the first two pages of a top search engine that most viewers don’t go any further. The best rule of thumb is to make sure your website design team is familiar with successful SEO (search engine optimization) methods.
Without this being incorporated into your website, you stand very little chance to be found in the first two pages of top search engines such as google, etc.  Learning and following great blogging technique will also get you also help to get you noticed quickly.
Bottom line is by using a combination of SEO and correct blogging  efforts will help you not only reach the top but stay there.
We do provide cost effective help in this area so don’t fail to call us for help.
Merry Christmas folks…. …let’s all make some money.
Please visit us in the New Year as we offer our news and views for a successful 2012.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer & SEO Strategist


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