Does Domain Name Age Really Matter?

Dec 28, 2011

Not a day goes by that a client does not inquire as to whether or not the domain name is important when determining rank.  Clients will purchase several domain names with no actual plans to use the domain name themselves.  They are purchasing domain names merely to re-sell them to others who may find them appropriate for their website projects.
Others purchase a domain name to use when developing their own website.  The domain name is important in determining rank, but only if the domain name belongs to an “active” website for a considerable period of time.  Just purchasing the domain name by itself has no value at all when we are talking about ranking purposes.
The popular theory and the one we stand by is this. Google normal prefers long-established businesses over those that are brand new. Therefore, the longer your website is on the web and active, the longer the site value will be measured.  Do not consider the date the domain name was purchased, but rather the date the domain name was connected to an actual website project which was then launched and submitted for search engine review. Once this occurs, the site is considered “active.” Additional criteria includes adding quality inbound links and keeping the site content current by blogging regularly also helps.  Continuing to develop the site content by adding video and other information which will raise the importance of the site.
Becoming an “Authority Site.”  It is imperative that the website have a good reputation through the years of operation.  The longer the site (and domain name) are online, the more valuable the domain name will become.  The goal is to develop your site to the point that the site is considered an “authority site.”  This is a site which offers content considered “authority” on the subject / product or services offered.  Search engines also look for backlinks to other sites of interest.
It may take several years to develop this type of site but it is the goal for any webmaster.  Other website owners will relish linking to an authority website thus raising your site to one of higher impotance.  These sites are the one most likely chosen for the highest rank in top search engines.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer & Marketing Strategist.


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