How To Choose A Blogging Platform (WordPress Versus Drupal)

Jan 19, 2012

Is the Method a Popular one and how will I choose the one for me?
When choosing a great blogging platform you should take into consideration how long the method has been operating and how many are using it. We will be discussing two platforms today, WordPress and Drupal.
. WordPress is probably the best choice if you are not a savvy user and have no great technical skills.  This platform can be easily set up, learned and mastered. The WordPress Community is well known and we feel it will have staying power. WordPress has a great web reputation and is recommended by many of us in the Multi-Media Industry.
. The Drupal platform is also a popular platform for blogging.  It does however, require a larger learning curve.  The Drupal platform is preferred by larger companies, the government, banks, etc.
. Smaller companies and individuals may choose the WordPress platform which is a bit more user friendly.  You should determine if more than one person will be blogging or changing content.
. If more than one person will be doing this, the Drupal Platform may be best for your project.
How Customizable Is Your Platform?
Research both WordPress and Drupal (before) setting it up on your server of choice. Since your blog may turn out to be more than just a diary of your life, etc, find out how much you can customize your blog before going forward.
. Word Press allows advertisements such as banner ads, etc. This may be important to you if you are advertising products or services.  Some hosted blogging platforms do not allow for advertising and concentrate mainly on content additions.
. If you use Drupal for your blogs, you can use them like any other content and thus your posts will experience a rank similar to the other pages of the site.  However, Drupal isn’t a specialized blogging platform, and is concentrated mainly on adding content.  Drupal platforms require you to do more work and possibly do without some features for this flexibility.
. WordPress may have more appeal to artists and those wanting to show off images, etc.
. If content is KING then Drupal might be the choice for you.
. If flexibility  and ease of use is your game, then WordPress may be for you.
Differences Between The Two Platforms:
Wordpress is specialized in blogging, so it has more advanced blogging features and easier to administer than the Drupal platform. Drupal however allows for editing and developing all pages of the site’s content areas. WordPress work is done on only one “blog” area of the site. Every client has a different use so it is very important that you do your research before choosing the perfect platform for your needs.  Read More regarding differences here.
The choice is yours …. Hurry back
Article by Orlando Website Design
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer


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