How To Use A QR Code (Quick Response)

Jan 23, 2012

The unique bar code or (known as a QR Code) lets customers and potential customers – instantly learn more about your business by visiting your website or mobile website on any supported phone. Here’s more on how it works and what you can do with it.
It originated in Japan and has spread around the world (photo of QR Code at left).  We first noticed the QR Code showing up on public transporation. Buses, etc show off the QR Code to allow the public to take advantage of all advertisement media available.
The QR Code may be put on any and all of your branding material such as your business cards, brochures, website, mobile websites, etc.  You may even create a QR Code unique to your own phone number.
Your printer (company producing your branding material)  will place a copy of your QR Code on your branding stationary, etc.. When requested, we send the QR Code to all clients having a website or mobile site.
1) Make sure your phone can scan a QR code with it’s camera, or either with an application that you download or via software that’s already installed on your phone To find out what application to use for your phone, we recommend doing a Google search for the model of your phone along with QR Reader.
2) When you see a QR code, use your phone’s application to scan it.  If you have the AT&T Code Scanner or the Code Scanner that comes with your droid or Iphone just point the icon below using your camera scanner….  Read More from Site Pro News to understand the function of the Quick Response Form…
Step and be wowed!!  Jean Holland-Rose (Chief Creative Officer) Orlando Website Design


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