What Is A Blog: Explanation from Orlando Website Design

Feb 3, 2012

Most folks are intimidated when we say they need a “blog” on their site.   The word “Blog” is short for “web log.”  It is simply an on-line journal of happenings at your office or workplace and other industry news related to the product or service you’re promoting.  When the internet first started over ten years ago, blogs were normally full of daily life problems and little quips about the family, cooking, friends and day to day occurrences that the site owner thought would be interesting to others.   It was your weekly journal to keep up with the world and stay in touch with your target group of individuals looking for your unique product or service.
Today, it is so much much more. In fact, every company no matter how big or small will not be successful without a blog on the site. It helps to establish your online presence and is an element all clients consider as a must when developing their sites or asking for re-designs. Those clients that are not tech savvy will find it easy to manage a WordPress Blog. You will be able to add images, content and links easily by following the basic WordPress instructions. YouTube video can also be added to your site now that you have a blog area.
Once you start blogging regularly you can become a “real” presence on the web and have others follow you if you are diligent in your writing efforts. Having a blog can generate additional clients and reduce marketing costs as well by bringing the actual people to your site to see your services (without additional expense).  Search engine spiders (software that visits your site) will soon learn what you’re blogging about and begin listing you higher and higher directing you to your target audience.
Having a blog will increase your chances of getting more quality inbound links. Linking strategy is popular with search engines. Your site will grow because of your blogging efforts. Visibility and building more traffic is a top priority for any business owner. No website should be without a blog area.  Visit our pages to the left to learn more about blogging and SEO methods available to increase your ROI (Return On Investment).
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Jean Holland-Rose (Chief Creative Officer) Orlando Website Design


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