Orlando Web Design discusses Article Marketing Trends for 2012

Feb 18, 2012

Article Marketing is leading the way this year in boosting website effectiveness and product sales.  Good writing will bring more views to your site thus allowing your conversion rate to sky rocket.
When preparing your article, take into consideration that the title is what draws viewers to the site and keeps them there to read the entire piece.  If you find a good title format it is worth using it again but don’t over do.
You will need to be clever and create new titles with each new post and each new article.  Keep track of the article and see where the major search engines list it.  By checking this you can determine the popularity of your article.  Check Google, Yahoo and Bing for search results.
Daily or weekly news topics should cover the entire field of services or products offered by the client.  Educate the viewer and they will return time and time again.  Categorizing the articles is very important.  This will save the viewer precious time as they read your work.  When you check your statistics and find your post or article listed at the top of the heap, it is a good indication that you have found a niche and can continue develop your marketing success and your site will be considered an “authority site.”
When looking at keywords to consider in your articles, try using different words rather than the same ones over and over again.  If you find a lot of folks using a particular key word you might try to use something unique and different to get better ranking.   If you choose key words that are chosen by many different article writers, you may find that the competition is more fierce.  Try something new.
Make a list of the keywords which would most likely be used by the others looking for your service or product and use those when creating new articles.  Watch the statistics and the rest is history as you learn new methods in article marketing for the web.   …..just write something and enjoy the journey.
If you need help with this task of article marketing, please call us at 407.405.4877 and we’ll suggest one of our professional SEO individuals who may be available.  We will be happy to provide you with a list of writers to choose from.  We are blessed to have five of the top bloggers in the industry.
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Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer


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