SEO Training Available: Use your website to develop residual income!

Mar 1, 2012

Learning Social Media and Blogging can bring big bucks your way in 2012.  More and more we are asked to provide professionals for this task.
However, if you feel you are a already savvy with the internet and feel comfortable with Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like, you can easily learn new SEO methods such as how to develop an email newsletter and more to stay ahead of your competition.
Become more customer focused.  Stay in touch with clients using the most up to date marketing methods.  This will help to develop the residual income you’ve been seeking.
This training will also work to boost your ROI (Return On Investment this year).
Classes are scheduled Monday to Friday.  Class size is normally only two to three indivdiduals at a time to offer more one on one instruction.  We are also able to schedule evening classes for those not available during daytime hours.  Complete our “free quote” form to get more information.
• Email marketing is a low cost, efficient way to reach your target audience. Learn to create “killer” email newsletters and get noticed
•Be a part of the competition rather than worrying about the competition.
•You will use a software which allows you to monitor the response and effectiveness of your email message quickly in order to change your strategy if needed.
•Generate more traffic and experience a greater ROI (Return on Investment).
•Classes available Monday to Friday for blogging and/or email newsletter instruction.
•Evening appointments may be arranged.
•Call us now to schedule a training session
•SEO Professionals available upon request for busy entrepreneurs!
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