Mar 11, 2012

One new feature offered by email marketing software such as Campaign Monitor,  is called RSS to Email.  This method allows you to sync RSS Blog Content to your newsletters.  If you are sending out newsletters on a regular basis, this feature is sure to improve your social media integration efforts.
Immediately you will begin to notice the increased functionality and this can bring about a postive impact for your business success.  Call us to have our programmer add this feature to your email marketing software (Campaign
As we look for and find opportunities to build  our target audience through adding names and emails to our newsletter software, the two mediums, e-mail marketing and social media integration such as linking Facebook, Twitter and the like to our website pages is fast becoming the vehicle of the future.  The two are now connected and a hugh part of our social media integration strategy.
Holiday Newsletters are always welcomed by your clients and this let’s them know you are not only remembering to thank them for their past business but also offering a special savings on products which might be useful going forward….it all draws your residual work from clients already using your services or buying your products.
Time to create that great St. Patrick’s Day Special.

New traffic will be generated by linking these social media sites and the customers will now have a chance to respond to you. This will ensure that your brand will gain product relevance. Do the research to discover which media sites are best such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. Repeat business will result from this new community of followers.
Building your team of marketing professionals is also very important for any business no matter how large or how small. Collaboration between the group is paramount and will provide the different visions, talents and unique voices working together to make the most of your brand relevance.
First and foremost is the ability for a company to listen to customer feedback and address any issue which might need improvement. This helps your company brand to gain prominence among others that might be thought of as “non-responsive to customer issues.” Although social media integration is only one part of your overall website strategy, it is becoming clear that new media is driving our success on the internet. As technology changes, so must we……
RSS To Email is fast becoming the choice for keeping up with clients.  Using RSS Content to create recurring RSS Email Newsletter Campaigns is the latest rage.   There are many email software programs offering this new technology.  Let’s get on board for success.
RSS To Email allows the user to meet the real needs of the marketplace. It takes care of two very important functions listed below.
•Flexible Scheduling
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