Mar 17, 2012

Our design team’s responsibility is to keep up with the ever changing technology.  We are ready to offer these new features to you as you embark on a new design or a re-design project. A new wireframe and design concept offers greater functionality and updates the look of the site. Call us to begin your new journey!
Improving the overall functionality of the site and revitalize the site using updated methods for design being chosen by top companies.  This new methodology will further increase the overall performance of the site and lead you to higher conversion rates.  Further, using SEO professionals to develop the advertising and the content for the site provides a more professional looking site.  Other choices listed below help to bring the site to today’s standards in design.

  • Bolder colors
  • Larger Fonts
  • Using More Professional Graphics
  • Professional Content written by professionals
  • Changing from Flash to jQuery for Smart phones, Droids and Apple users, etc.
  • Mobile Site Design for faster download

The design covers the entire brower area and is more user friendly.  Visit the site below to see how design has improved.  Graphics are now more professional in nature and most clients are hiring our graphic designers to create graphics for sites based upon their individual branding which allows them to stand out from the crowd.  When you visit the site below (Click on the link below for Nu Kids) you’ll also notice how professional the advertising language works to greet the viewer as soon as you enter the site.
NuKids Natural Juice
Request for Mobile Design
The leading request change for InsideDesignOrlando other than re-design, has been a desire for mobile design. Those that were enjoying their websites were looking to have a web presence on a smaller scale (mobile sites) which will allow their visitors to use their droid phones and apple devices when looking for products and services online. Mobile sites take less bandwidth and load quickly for users.  While the mobile site is available, the full website content is easily loaded as well should the user need more information.
Marketing and SEO
Marketing and advertising has had a colossal impact in design. No longer just asking for a avant-garde look for their sites they are asking for elements to increase their conversion rate (which turns leads into actual business). Design companies not offering search engine optimization and marketing strategy were now being overlooked for those of us offering marketing and design.
Fluid Design
Designers are now using a more fluid method for design layout rather than a fixed width and a stylesheet is used for all mediums. This allows sites to be viewed across multiple screens, sizes and devices. To explain further, when a user requests to view a website address, that user’s device will send a message to the server defining the device they are using. The server will then locate the stylesheet that corresponds to the user’s device and display the webpage in the proper proportions.
When you have a client asking for re-design I would recommend using a method which adds the navigation bar on the home page, locked into a fixed position. This stops the user from having to scroll through the entire site for content. Additionally, this technique removes the concern regarding screen resolution and works great on mobile browsers. Go further by adding a few links or creating an artistic circle, or block to represent other important content. Since you have only a few seconds to capture interest, the more you add for quick navigation the better. All of this will help to improve the performance of the website
Hurry back for more multi-media news and views!
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
“An Orlando Website Design Company since 2001”


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