Understanding Google Organic Searches

Mar 27, 2012

Our clients are beginning to realize that gaining a high position in Google takes work on their part. Quality subject matter, blogging regularly and new SEO content on all pages of the website is needed to receive and keep a high rank in the top search engines.  Let’s take a closer look at the latest organic search rules!
Old, out of date, generic or canned content will get you nowhere and your site will not be considered among the sites that Google chooses to list at the top. If your site has made no changes in page content for a long time and you are not blogging regularly, you can count yourself out of the top group.
“The No Spin Zone.”
Some clients are attempting to prank or deceive the system by purchasing canned articles, copying and pasting old article material, and adding dubious article marketing items. The search engines are both clever and quick to identify this. If this is your game, you will soon find yourself lower in rank.
“The Kiss of Death.”
Avoid offering a huge amount of advertising and having the site unprofessional looking and non-consistent from page to page . This will render the site unprofessional looking and it will stand out like a sore thumb as one of the sites Google and top Search Engines will choose to rank lower.
“Getting It Right.”
Pages on the site which have not been updated in a long time would be a great place to start in re-vamping your site. Re-write page content and also be sure to delete all pages of your site that are not beneficial to your overall positioning value. If these pages were not important in the past, why keep them?  Check your stats and if you find these pages are rarely if ever visited,  they are probably extraneous, get rid of them to make room for more important content.
“A Complete Overhaul from the past.”
Re-Design your site at least once every two to three years completely, and during the re-design ask the site developer to add the new elements for better functionality that were not available when you first had your site designed.   Those elements that you put off until later or that were not available may be the very ticket to increase your return on investment (ROI).  You may now need a mobile site for those users with i-phones and droids.  It is important to keep current with the new technology if you plan on competing with others in your industry. Just as you would add new products or services to your own business, so it is with website technology. It is changing constantly and you must offer the new site functionality as it is available to stay competitive.
“How can I have an Authority Site?”
First you should learn and understand what an “Authority” site is all about. This is the type of site that you would feel comfortable returning to time and time again and if there is an E-Commerce experience to be offered on this site such as a shopping cart or store, you would feel safe in using your personal information such as a credit card, etc. You must learn to display nothing on your site but high-quality content. It may be necessary (as we have reported before) to hire a professional to keep your site content fresh, develop categories for products and services, etc. The price is well worth it. In the beginning as we enjoyed our first site, this marketing knowhow was not necessary. It has now become the most valuable tool in your website arsenal now that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has entered the scene.
“Help is on the way.”
Our freelance writers are available to re-write any or all pages of the website at a cost effective price. They may also be hired to blog for you and to keep the pressure at bay.
Call us to receive a list of our SEO professionals available for this task.
Get the rank you deserve by making sure your site is up to date in design and content. Blog regularly and if you are not a professional at adding original and creative content, we are just a phone call away.  Get the most out of your website investment.  We are here to help you stay ahead of the curve.
Thanks for visiting and please hurry back for more news as it happens in our industry.
From the Design Wizards at InsideDesignOrlando.com


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