How to write SEO articles and Newsletters Worth Reading!

Apr 5, 2012

There are thousands of other websites out there competing with you.  Many of them are selling and promoting the same products as you. Using the right keywords is the first key to success when marketing on the web and improving your blog posts. Whatever you’re talking about should always be researched. There are many books and articles written which are easy to acquire and available for your research.  Use your thesaurus which is available on any currrent computer.  Your article has to rock the viewer’s world if you want them to read it and to want to return for more!  Read more about article writing for the beginner.
Writing Articles for SEO.
Articles written by others in your industry are very valuable and should not be overlooked. Just be sure you give credit where credit is due. Add the name of the writer as well as the website, publication or marketing piece where the information was taken from. This is only showing common courtesy. This allows your readers to know you are thorough in your research and can be trusted to offer only informative and updated material.  Daily Writing Tips is a great website to read in your leisure while you’re learning.  The site owner (in my humble opinion) does a great job offering new and updated tips to consider.
What About Canned Articles?
Many in our industry have resolved to purchase “canned” article material feeling this will give them an edge and make the chore quicker and cover more. The search engines are now savvy to this game and you will soon be deleted as a non-professional resource. Organic searches are sophisticated enough to recognize fake content so don’t go there to save time or money. Create only your own original content and if you need other material find interesting and informative content and give the credit to your source.
Needs versus Wants:
Find a need and fill it is the most prolific words ever spoken. If there is a need for your product you will be successful.  For giveaway items, choose a useful product or service which you are able to offer to all clients without breaking the bank and you’ve found the secret. Never send email newsletters to subscribers without an offer.  The exception would be if you become aware of valuable information regarding your industry that could save the viewer time or money or could benefit them in some way.  No one has time to read your pinnings with no benefit to be had. Add more subscribers, offer a benefit and your profit increases and the rest is pure history.
How Important Are Newsletters  …Really?
Well …. Let’s put it this way.  Experience teaches us that  (80) percent of your business comes from referrals from old clients, and the other (20) percent from new customers.  The newbees find your website and complete your contact form ( reply/response form) or call to inquire about the services available.
Cost effectively, email newsletters are the best bang for your buck .  Repeat business is what it is about when we are building client base.  You’re not only reaching your current and past clients but also the extended family of these viewers as well.
Don’t fail to add to your subscriber list to cover as many audience members as possible. It goes without saying of course but we all have heard about the following statistic.This is the latest and greatest way of communicating across the web which is now used by more than 75 percent of all consumers. The telephone book is quickly becoming obsolete.  Among other marketing sources, post cards, brochures, doorhangers and the like, I prefer the newsletter which can be easily created and sent quickly to many subscribers at once.
What Do I Get For Free?
As we mentioned before and it deserves to be said again, provide something for FREE when you send out your newsletter. I’ll bet you remember the phrase from a recent movie, “build it and they will come.”  That was yesterday’s news which was all about developing the website look and feel.  Now that you have that great website and it is awesome to look at, you quickly realize it is nothing but a big dead zone without developing your social marketing strategies.   Using the email newsletter and developing strong blogging skills will bring about a big payoff while at the same time, improve your ROI (Return on Investment) which we are all striving for.
How To Blog Effectively:
Use your blog to communicate by making it into an authority site. Answer questions about your product or services. Offer tips for savings and other new information which may be coming on the market regarding your field of interest. Becoming an expert in your field will keep those consumers coming back again and again. They will now consider you an expert and let’s face it …. If you are not an expert in your field, you should be ….am I right?
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and Marketing Strategist


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