How to find a cost effective web designer in Central Florida!

Apr 11, 2012

It is what you don’t know that can lead to trouble …Learn what you need for your new site by visiting websites offering information regarding web design and search engine optimization solutions.  Once you have decided what elements will be most beneficial for your site (based upon your unique business requirements) you will be knowlegable enough not to ask for elements you do not need (adding cost to the project). Educate yourself by visiting great sites such as Site Pro News before visiting with potential site designers.
Rule to keep you out of trouble with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals.
Should the company representative mention an SEO word or phrase you are not familiar with, stop the conversation and ask what it is all about. Don’t sit by silently and get drawn into a conversation about SEO methods you know nothing about.
None of us control search engine algorhythms and they change like the wind.  If it sounds too good to be real it probably is a scam. Be careful because there are many of these companies in operation and you can easily be taken advantage of because of what you don’t know.  The more you learn, the more you will be prepared to choose a reputable and competent company to work on your website project.
We discourage any client from signing up for a search engine optimization campaign or method you do not fully understand. Many trendy words may be pitched to you that is beyond your understanding. Buying things that have big words that may or may not be legitimate, cause many of our clients to have buyer’s remorse later.
Meeting with several companies will give you comparable information needed to make a knowlegable decision. It is never a day of a good decision to meet with only one company.  Every company has something special to offer and none of us are perfect for everyone.  Each web design company has different talent as far as mobile designers, programmers, e-commerce and other talented professionals.  Just as clients have different needs, web designers and programmers have different skill sets.  Choose carefully based not upon a slick sales rep, but your own research and by gaining a better knowledge of the journey you are about to embark upon.  This journey for you can be wonderful for you filled with new expereinces, helping to choose your color palatte, meeting with the designer and planning your one of a kind custom site.  The more you know … the more you’ll enjoy the journey.
You may request to meet with a graphic designer to begin working on a brand for your business.  You may be in need of a logo, etc.  Many of our clients just call (out of the blue) and ask pricing without knowing how much functionality they need, thinking all websites are equal. They are not.  Custom web design is all about “time.”  If you have a small project (not needing a lot of functionality) the project will cost less than a project needing a great deal of custom programming.  CaChing …CaChing … CaChing … Finding out how much functionality you need will be determined at your website consultation.  Meeting with the designer will clear up all of your questions.  You will then receive an “accurate” quote for the project.
Choosing a CMS Platform (Drupal versus WordPress)  If you are not web savvy, by all means choose WordPress for your CMS Website Platform.

  • The Drupal CMS Platform requires the user to become proficient with the software after the site is launched.  The learning curve is larger  for you, the client.
  • Choosing a WordPress CMS Platform offers you a much more user friendly site and the learning curve is very minimal.

More pages and more functionality (adding custom programming specific to your criteria may take longer).  Some of the questions below must be answered before we can offer a good faith cost estimate.

  • Do you require E-Commerce? Are you selling a product or service?
  • Are you expecting full CMS (Content Management System) which means you can edit any and all pages?
  • Are you looking for a price for design only or design & (SEO) search engine optimization as well?
  • Which website platform do you prefer … Drupal or WordPress?
  • Do you understand the difference in CMS Platforms?
  • Do you require a reply/response form? (php programming is involved here)
  • Do you want image galleries (if so, how many) and how many images to each gallery?
  • Do you want streaming video or do you plan on using YouTube or Vimeo Video?
  • Are you looking for Search Engine Optimization?
  • Do you plan on creating email newsletters?
  • Do you want animation / flash or jQuery programmed into the design?

Many designers will quote a price (not including the SEO or the elements needed for the clients to have their sites found on top search engines.)  This must be figured into the quote. Otherwise we are quoting only the design of the site and it will not function as a site which will bring any ROI (Return on Investment).
The SEO plays a crucial role so this must be considered with the price of the design.  A design is not only how it looks but how it functions as well.  You will need design and SEO for a fully functioning site.
Article by “Jean Holland-Rose”
Chief Creative Officer (


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