Are you losing business? Where were you as Google changed the rules?

Apr 30, 2012

How can we stop the downward trend and go back to earning money again?
As we enter the month of May, 2012,  we are all dealing with the fact that Google algorithms have changed in the past year and all of us are feeling the pain. Many small and large businesses are scaling back on staff, etc since sales have declined dramatically.   The Wall Street Journal has just reported that traffic to many small and large business websites has dropped up to 40% since this new adjusting of the Google algorithm has occurred.  Many websites that were previously enjoying a great deal of internet traffic have now lost that line of revenue due to the change in Google criteria.
What does Google say we should do?
A Google spokesman admits that these changes do affect most business websites. However, the powers at Google, are not willing to name the actual sites that would win or lose visibility in its rankings. They are claiming to do this would offer the “bad characters” a way to game the system. This (so far) has been a mystery and therefore we are all left with trying to figure out where to go from here. Google is claiming that although their algorithm is very accurate, no algorithm is perfect.
Google is now weeding out “content farms” or sites that Google feels has a lower quality value. This includes those sites copying text from other websites such as government websites. Search engine spiders are now very intelligent and can follow the word strings and identify this practice of copying content from other sources.
How does branding affect our success?
We all agree after doing our best to understand changes as they occur, that we should all present our products and services in a creative way to gain any advantage. Being different, being unique and building our brand is the best way to get ahead.  Keeping up with the changing technology and SEO is the best insurance to keep the wolf away from the door.  I know all of you are so tired of hearing all of this but my job is just to report changes and to do my best to keep you (the viewer) informed.  Trust me, we are all feeling this pain.  Let’s learn more about what they’re talking about when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization and the Google changes.
Should I hire a professional blogger?
Hiring outside freelance writers to add a creative appeal to website blog posts is a great start in the right direction.  Further, unless you are a writer yourself, you should consider this to add that added “pop” to your site’s creative side.    Inside Design Orlando has a list of professionals available for hire.  Call us for this information.  Above this, other methods are also needed.
Do social media links help?
Online Social Media Campaigns like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter should be included as you diversify your efforts toward a better ROI (Return On Investment).
Is publishing a monthly company newsletter any benefit?
Client communication such as publishing a monthly or quarterly newsletter to current clients (email marketing) is now becoming more and more important. Experience teaches us that 80% of your business is return clients or referral based business.  The other 20% comes from new business.  Obviously, knowing this we should keep in touch regularly with our current clients.  There are several cost effective email marketing websites that offer this service.  All businesses should consider this as they move forward through this jungle of change.
What About Search Engine Submission?
Some companies are now hiring outside search-engine optimization firms to look at their current websites to consider a complete overhaul of targeting traffic by way of the web.  This can certainly be one strategy but for the biggest payoff,  all of the above mentioned suggestions should be followed.   Use many different strategies and something is bound to hit pay dirt ….and the beat goes on
Article by Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officers,
An Orlando Website Design Company since 2001.


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