Is Your web design so old it is on life support? Consider Orlando Website Design

May 7, 2012

Here is an idea!  Why not consider a new site visual, a new re-design?  Site Visuals & Summer website design savings are going on right now with Inside Design Orlando! A custom design is a visually welcome space for visitors to stop by and take advantage of all you have to offer. Since you must consider your competitors (and let’s face it) some of them update their sites a lot, it is important for you to keep your site visually updated as well.
We’re offering a $200 Savings for Summer off any new re-design package.  Just mention this post when you call us or complete our “Free Quote” form and mention this ad in the comments block.   Just that easy.  A web design which is updated with the newest visuals and offering updated functionality will insure that you are keeping up with the competition.
Every website owner should consider updating the site content (page to page) at least once a year to keep the content fresh. More regular updating will be carried out using the blog page (and we assume you will have a blog). Posting to the blog should be as often as possible.
Blog at least once a week:
Those sites unable to update regularly are not considered for listings by most search engines now.  They are quickly overlooked by search engine spiders scanning for listings. Yesterday’s news is just that ….yesterday’s news.  Adding new content, article marketing and creative updates offering useful information is what drives visibility.  It is required by search engines.
Learning To Blog:
Once the site is updated, it is important that we spend the time necessary to educate the client on the proper blogging techniques. We have now started adding this training to all of our design packages. It is not just how the site looks but functions as well and a site without updated posts is just a big dead zone. Search engine optimization means that the keyword spiders will be visiting the site looking for blog titles and how often the posting is done. Most important is the blog title. Please don’t attempt to put the entire topic into the title line.
Creating a clever blog title:
Each title should have three or four carefully placed keywords to allow optimum results. Key words must be used in a clever way and make sense. Just placing them with no rhyme or reason will not do the trick anymore. Search engines are very savvy and can pick up on any attempt to take a short cut and not provide useful content. Another approach is to use the key words from the title in the content as well for those spiders who do not scan the actual title but are looking for the content instead. In this way you cover both bases by using the key words in both areas.
Be brief:
The more brevity you use in creating clever titles, the more effective the keyword optimization becomes. Your content will be more efficient and easier for the search engine spiders to scan. It will be read by more end users. In this hurry up world, no one wants to read content which does not get to the point quickly and takes forever to read. Cover the subject quickly and put it together in an easy to read format. This works for all.  See this previous post.


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