Social Sharing Buttons: Great Little Plugins for Website SEO

May 12, 2012

When you add “Share Buttons” to your website, you are promoting your content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.  This little plugin is very innovative and provides a great platform for building your website traffic.  Adding this technology is sure to bridge the gap between your social media platforms.  Share and get your message heard!
The “Share Buttons” featured (at the bottom of the page) allows the reader to not only share specific articles, but to share content with their own group of friends and acquaintances.  The sky is the limit here!  Read more about this plug in from the website. Most of us are familiar with posting regularly to our blogs, with the new Google algorithims being changed over the past few months.  However, the “share buttons” allow the conversation to continue. They allow the reader to post and share any blog post on your social account (Facebook, Linked In or Twitter). They can then share with all of those on your friends list. This will expand your circle of acquaintances. This is right now the marketing tool we are calling “Buzz.” There is another plugin for the actual website that allows sharing of an individual website page of information.
Although the website itself says it is easy to install on websites, we have found that our clients cannot do this without help unless they have had prior IT experience. We just added this to two websites and each installation took a couple of hours since it was necessary to install this on all pages of the site (per the client request). There was also two plugins needed (one for the website and another for the wordpress area). To avoid problems it is best to ask for help when installing these plug ins if you are not familiar with programming methods.
The clock is ticking ….time to share. When you use this “sharing method” to connect with users on your social networking sites, it encourages them to “like” and share your blog content with their followers as well.  The sky is the limit.
Your social media campaigns will gain more direct traffic to your site and expose your target audience to others.
Again, this is a great marketing tool for making your site known as an “authority” site which we talked about in an earlier post. It does takes time to build firm and strong relationships with others who will share your content.
It is worth every moment you spend on this and will bring big results going forward. Building your network of friends and acquaintances is the best way to gain top visibility. This along with blogging is the new normal for website search engine optimization.
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