SEO Content and Writing With Pure Emotion

May 18, 2012

The content you provide will either make or break your site ranking. It must be well written, full of informative facts and creative text to encourage readers to stay a while.  Make it worthwhile.  A good “read” is an article written with emotion and full of thoughtful content.  Unless you are an avid writer you probably have never thought about adding emotion to the content.  Now is the time to really think about how emotion impacts each article you write and what value is added by using emotion. It is the very thing that will make the post interesting enough to be read completely. Providing a solution for a problem the viewer is searching for and saying it with pure emotion is KEY.  Add your expertise to the article and “voila”…you will seal the deal.
When you write an article the reader must be able to see (through your well chosen words) and understand easily what you’re trying to describe. A sad story with no tears or a funny article with no laughter could give you a clue that you should improve on adding emotion into your writing. Try to put yourself into the shoes of the reader looking for information.  Are you positive that your amazing article will provide what each reader is looking for? They are not just there to look at pretty pictures.  They have found you because of your carefully placed “key words.”  They are looking for answers.
As they leave your site, will they leave knowing more about the topic than when they first found you?  If so, then you have reached the mark of a great blogger.   Show the reader that you are an expert in your field and that you really know your stuff but don’t overdo it.

Remember to talk more about the reader than yourself and your wonderful…ness … Let your expertise be known but don’t overpower the reader with (I, Me, Mine, etc). Instead, use the word “you and yours. Talking about yourself does not answer their questions, add to the topic they are interested in and it does not solve their problems. Publish higher quality content and get noticed.
Your reputation on the web now depends upon you knowing what readers are looking for. You are a word smith…..don’t just be a good one….strive to be exceptional …get noticed!


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