How Google’s “Search” Algorithim is Changing:

May 23, 2012

The top search engines like Google rank sites based upon relevancy and well placed keywords which match their search criteria requirements. The better position you receive will mean more customers to buy your products or to hire your services. Using competitive key words is the first step in the right direction.  Signing up for social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such is also necessary to add to the SEO Marketing Strategy.
Regular postings on all social platforms is of course mandatory.  Pintrest is the latest bell and whistle for those users looking to share imagery and special videos with friends or clients. If the picture is shared on a blog, it might also be shared on Facebook, or another social site. Social sharing includes all of the above. Adding “share” buttons  is becoming necessary for all websites.
If this is the case, can I stop blogging and just post on social sites?

No … Some of the top 500 companies tried this and discovered that without blogging added to the mix they were quickly losing ground. They are now blogging again. Search engine spiders are still looking for new and interesting content on websites.
The Facebook platform (as an example) is walled off from scanning a large amount of content. In other words, the world wide web still needs good blogging technique and great content to promote your website. Read more about this.
The article also mentions that you use questions or phrases in the title of the post to attract viewers. Use words they would use to search and you will get a much better ranking in search engines.
How to Interface between social platforms:

The best case scenario is to link blog content to the social platforms such as Facebook. RSS To Email will cover both areas. Create a newsletter using the blog content and it can then be linked and shared with all of your email newsletter subscribers.  Another method is to use your share buttons to share a blog with several social platforms.
At Inside Design Orlando, we send out a newsletter linked to blog content about once a month to stay in touch with our subscribers and to encourage more business.  We understand that 80% of our business comes from referrals.  .
Getting caught up in watching statistics and traffic patterns:

Those of you that consider PAID search results should consider that ORGANIC searches may be the better choice.  Don’t get wrapped up in constantly monitoring your statistics looking at traffic patterns.  Campaigns such a “pay per click”  etc may be ok to bring more traffic to the site but at the end of the day the experts are telling us that getting clients to your site is not enough.  You need them to go further and to buy your products and services.
The real test comes with how many viewers complete your “contact form” or call you.  This is what we call “conversion rate.”
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