How To Find and Hire Website Content Writers & Marketing Technologists

Jun 25, 2012

Visit any marketing department for a large company and you will find individuals that are skilled and talented in the marketing and public relations field.  They are normally called marketing technologists and as part of their job requirements, they are engaged in writing content for the company. They may also be knowlegable regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
Although these content writers may have full-time company positions, you may find one who would be happy to take on some additional work.  Inside Design Orlando found several of our content writers in this way. They were perfectly willing to make a few extra dollars writing for a few additional website clients.
When searching for a content writer for your website, you should consider individuals educated in fields such as journalism, education, psychology, marketing, communication, and those studying creative writing.  Above all, we need those with great editorial skills. While it would be perfect to find an individual who is familiar with your brand, this may not always be possible.  A free-lance writer is skilled at writing about any subject given after doing some initial research.  Good writing skills are the top quality to look for.  The other information regarding your brand, your products and services can be provided to the person hired for the project.
Look for expertise with developing and creating slide presentations, photoshop experience, video editing, and more. The additional cost you will pay for this individual help should be considered each year as you put together your budget. This help is mandatory now for those looking for top spots on the top search engines. To compete it is a necessary expense. Once you identify the perfect content writer for your company you can relax as they take over and blog regularly adding rich and creative blog posts to your site.
Another tip for getting better exposure, is to add social sharing buttons to your website so that others finding your posts can share the content with their social circles as well. Request that your friends, family members, and associates share the blog content with their friends too.  Make sure that the content however, is worth sharing and be kind when asking your friends to share your posts.  Don’t wear out your welcome.   Most of us are happy to pass on anything that is relevant.
Along with social media and adding content writing being added to our marketing plan, we believe that the future will  require a combination of both online and offline factors. Blogging alone is not the complete answer, but only part of the solution.
There is no substitute for you getting out in the field, meeting your potential clients, sending newsletters to stay in touch, using other marketing tools such as video, radio presentations, etc. Developing relationships, and reaching out to future customers is still front and center when it comes to building your company brand.  Answering concerns, and overcoming any objection your client might have is still best done in person.
A professional website will of course drive more traffic your way when developed and managed properly.  However, it is actually meeting and closing the deal that pushes your brand forward and changes the overall conversion rate. Don’t fall into the trap where you feel the website and the promotion of the website is the only task ahead. Be a part of the process to enjoy real success.
Thanks for visiting:  Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer / Inside Design Orlando


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