Reaching The Top With Semantics: Simple SEO Tactics That Work

Jun 30, 2012

First, research a few good key words that could be used in the title of your article, post, etc.  Keep the title to 60 characters. If the title is too long, you must be cleaver and shorten the title to get it noticed.  Try searching yourself for your own product or service using keywords you feel others might use. This research will help you to understand exactly how the search engines choose words to display on the top two pages of any search engine.  Optimizing your title by making the title keyword rich s very telling for search engines.  The first thing that is scanned is your title so this should be short and full of relevant keyword choices.
Next, after coming up with a title you are happy with, test your title by typing it in Google and seeing what pops up.
Remember that words can have more than one meaning. Using this theory you can quickly add a few great words and come up with a great phrase for your title.  Follow this advice and your reward could be a listing on the top two pages in Google.
Use phrases such as: New widget (product) for sale (your brand name). Make a good faith attempt to make your title different from the ones there now and you’ll have a better chance that the title will be accepted.
Learn from others but don’t copy exactly anything others have done. Search Engine Spiders are not people but rather very sophistocated software.  This software can recognize if you have simply copied other content from another source.  Use your own creativity, submit original work and your chances of reaching the top improves significantly.
When writing your post or article,  SEO tactics come into play. As an SEO expert, we know how to filter the words that are not popular with those searching. We take the time to research the keywords before deciding to use them.  As a site owner, you too must learn which keywords will bring the most traffic by carefully weighing their relevancy to your specific brand or service.
Now let’s discuss the actual rich content for the post article; Start by developing content that is relevant to the title phrase you have chosen. The title keywords should show up at least once in your block of content.  Write about something (within your expertise) that you are passionate about.
The new search engine algorithims have changed and the search engine spiders are following new criteria called “semantics.” This method is simply the study of a relationship between words and phrases.  Semantics is the building blocks for understanding the written word (our method of communication).  More simply put, we take a single word, add a few more words and form a complete thought which is then easily interpreted as communication.
In the past, search engines ranked a site based upon single words or “keywords” which were programmed into the html source code or added in the page content throughout the site. Now, along with the meta tags, the development of phrasing and the use of semantics is the search method of choice for top search engines like Google.  This method will now rank sites by identifying and scanning entire phrases rather than just an individual key word.
Knowing and understanding this change is driving more and more clients to realize that rich content, article writing and blogging have nowtaken center stage .  Search Engine Optimization now requires creative writing and understanding the new search method ….semantics.
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Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Director & Marketing Strategist
Inside Design Orlando


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