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Jul 6, 2012

When we think of the web today we know that the phrase “Content is King” is on everyone’s mind. The search engines simply index the large amount of content available and try to make some sense of it all.
Search engines record billions of documents annually.  They have become pretty good at placing the information in the right place.
More than ever, the relevancy of the content counts. No more just scanning one word at a time to determine placement. Keywords are still important but not the top consideration with the new algorithims.  Semantics rule!
Semantics are now involved in everything. In other words phrases that are meaningful, original and creative enough to be indexed based upon a specific criteria being searched for.
Google is a master now at using semantics, and at indexing everything based upon the relevancy of the information presented. It is no longer easy to get away with duplicating content and thinking you’ve done a great thing. Duplicate content can easily be spotted by search engine software.  Providing original content is now the only way to reach top slots in the big push to be number one.  Also important however, is the source of the content. Who owns the content, where did it come from and how relevant is it to the index placement. When writing articles for your website pages or for your blog posts you must include the content source to be indexed properly.

  • Be fresh & creative:
    When publishing new content is should be fresh and creative. Choose a subject that is an interest to those you are writing for. Find out what is new, what is going on in the industry and you’re sure to have a hit article. If you’re wondering how to start and what might work read the material on the Social Media Examiner .  This link offers a few great tips.


  • Choose an interesting topic:
    Identify an interesting topic by writing about something happening in your industry or area of expertise. Why not create a series of posts and number the series which might encourage folks to re-visit your site to read the next entry? Don’t make it too long. A two to four part series might be a good start. This will cause you to write a more in-depth piece since you may have to research longer to craft your article. Use a bulleted list which will help the article be easily read. Always remember user friendliness as you craft your piece.


  • Keep it simple:
    Stay away from hard to understand phrases and words. Craft an “easy read” and you’ll get more viewers willing to follow your posts. Write when you feel your best. You can always start an article and save it as a “draft” ….return later when you are fresh and have more to say or have researched further. Never write just to be writing but wait until you are inspired by criteria you feel will be helpful and useful to those sharing your words. Words are powerful so do your due diligence and provide only known facts. Don’t make up information …make sure your article is based upon the actual facts and not rumor.


  • Set a writing schedule:
    With the search engine spiders requiring content more often, set some ground rules and choose the same day each week to write and save the drafts. In this way you’ll always have a fresh post to publish in a timely manner. If you feel pressure in having to keep new content on your site and you are not a happy writer, it is best to hire a professional for this task. Content is King but only “great” content.

Article: Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
Marketing Specialist for


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