How to blog effectively and improve your conversion rate!

Jul 14, 2012

Learning to blog effectively is an art which can be learned. It does take some effort if you have not blogged before.
But rest assured that any effort on your part is well worth it. Learning this new skill will keep site visitors coming back for more while at the same time improve your conversion rate and ROI (return on investment).
With the new search engine algorithims being changed and the new rules now in full operation it is necessary for all site owners to become aware of effecitve blogging technique.  Below are a few important things you should know as you begin your journey.

  • How long to viewers stay on a site?

It is no secret that viewers stay on your page only a few seconds. The blog content must be something someone is looking for or something quite interesting or they will be gone. Sometimes they are there just to be entertained. However, most of the time they are just looking to get a question answered. If they don’t find that answer in a few seconds or read something that captures their interest, they are gone forever and move on to another site.

  • How can I create a “killer” blog post?

Many of the clients that I work with each week are learning to blog for the first time. They have no idea where to start. Unless they are a free lance writer or have experience in the writing field they are lost. I always tell them to make sure your first paragraph is the most powerful paragraph and build from there.

  • What topic is best?

Choose the topic carefully based upon what you feel your unique target audience is looking for. The old saying “find a need and fill it” comes into play here. If your blog content talks about a service or product that is needed by the viewers you are on the right track. If you offer a savings or a discount in your post, you will get a bonus by receiving an even higher response. We are all looking to save money in this challenging economy.

  • How do keywords play a part in blogging?

For search engine spiders that scan your site and dertermine the relevancy of your content, key words are very important. Use the keywords throughout your piece but don’t over do. Be clever but at the same time remain creative in your thinking to produce a “killer post.” There are many great articles on the web and websites to browse and learn to become proficient with your blogging skills. Learn more blogging tips here.
Stay in touch with us as we offer further education to help you become an authority blogger. SEO workshops are available periodically and we will be publishing the dates and times for these as they are scheduled.
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer, Inside Design Orlando


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