Google is getting smarter … Read about the knowledge graph

Jul 20, 2012

Google Search tools, and our most fundamental online task may never be the same again. Starting today, a vast portion of Google Search results will work with you to intuit what you really meant by that search entry Read More
Google’s new Knowledge Graph which was just launched, will help to classify the results in a smart and more pithy way. The keywords will now be put together offering meaning behind each keyword. Those websites that are known as “authority” sites will now be recognized as top sources of content and all of the hard work you have done in the past to bring your site forward will now pay off with higher ranking and more notability. Read more here on how the Knowledge Graph from Google will affect your business.
We all know about keywords and when the internet first stared that is what it was all about. We heard about purchasing the right keywords, pay per click for keywords and the like. Times …they are a changing and now you must deal with the new Google algorithims which are all about semantics (the study of words and their relationship to other words as they form phrases).
Before, Google was using millions of search queries to match keywords and search strings based upon keywords. The new method is to provide knowledge through the use of phrases (using keywords). It is a good idea for all website owners to research this new requirement and to learn the rules that are available on line.
Google is not giving away all of their secrets.  It will take you studying constantly and learning the new rules to keep on top of the competiion.  Google and other top search engines are very territorial and not sharing the entire platform and search rules for fear of bad actors attempting to game the system.  Remember this saying for the day ….if it is to be it is up to me.  Live by it, learn it, enjoy greater success.
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Article by: Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer


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