Inside Design Orlando Welcomes Two (2) SEO Professionals

Jul 24, 2012

News from the blogging staff:
Inside Design Orlando is happy to announce that we have two new SEO professionals joining our team.  We feel we have a field of talented and unique individuals to offer our clients.  Without good writing skills, our websites would not enjoy the great ranking that they enjoy.  Our hats off to these hard working and wonderful writers.
Hello to SEO Professional, Editor, and Freelance Writer, Mindy Wall.  Originally from North Carolina, Mindy brings a warm welcome to our readers that will comfort them using the information provided on your blog with insight to common and personal concerns.
Note from Mindy:  Being a “geek” myself, I will also create interesting, amusing, and/or educational blogs that can relate to people with answers to uncommon questions enticing current readers to continue reading your blog, but also creating a link to search engines for those seeking answers.
During the last decade she has used the knowledge gained from her separate bachelor’s degrees in Business and Biology.  She also edits the attendant lease for an apartment complex. These accomplishments have given her the opportunity to hone her research, analysis, documentation, editing, and composition skills, making her an exceptionally experienced writer, a knowledgeable and insightful editor, and an extremely resourceful researcher.
Another new addition to our team is Elizabeth Arenas, Freelance Writer, consultant and communications professional.  Elizabeth earned her stripes in one of the top news media markets, where she reached over 50,000 Central Floridians a day with her familiar voice that delivered hard hitting news coverage as an on-air reporter at News-Talk AM 580 WDBO, now FM 96.5, in Orlando. Elizabeth’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Central Florida, along with her media experience during college, landed her a highly competitive externship with NPR in Los Angeles, CA right upon graduation.
After her radio gigs, Arenas went on to work in public relations, as well as continue her work as a freelance consultant for PS2G Consultants. Most recently, she was a member of a communications team; employed as the Community Relations Manager for the Diocese of Orlando/Catholic Charities of Central Florida.  Elizabeth is bilingual; fluent in Spanish.
Kathy Weissman (current blogger) has just booked a new client this week . Her new client is “Karibu Coffee & Tea Company.” Kathy is looking forward to working with the site owner and producing some great blog posts. The coffee is known nationwide and boasts a great robust flavor. The staff are excited to finally have their new site online and available for those looking for the best African Coffee & Tea products online. Visit their new site at We were lucky enough to all get to try this great coffee product and it is great. Send us more samples Chirag ….we are hooked.
Although Kathy Weissman holds a degree in Bio Chemistry from the University of Florida, her passion is journalism and creative writing. She was hooked when her first book was published in 2005 and has dedicated much of her life to writing ever since. She enjoys researching and studying search engine optimization and has successfully obtained optimum ranking results for her clients. Some of her clients include Inland Container, Vantage Point Recruiter, The Leak Doctor, Power Entertainment DJ, PremCare Family Medical Center and Central Florida K-9.
Kathy is also trained in Campaign Monitor, newsletter creation and social media. She has received many accolades this year from clients loving her work and a special thank you for a job well done on a clients holiday newsletter. She is eager to keep your blog copy fresh, current and keep you ahead of the competition.
Stay in touch as we bring more great SEO options your way.  Why not consider a “guest” blogger for your website.  This is a new trend which is fast taking hold.  Call us for more information on our SEO professionals.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer


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