Is social media and blogging the new normal for business?

Aug 5, 2012

As Google changed their algorithims recently, it became necessary for SEO professionals to change their thinking  as well.  Since “semantics” is the method now being used by top search engines to rank our business sites, we were faced with the realization that social media and blogging was the new normal for business success in 2012.
Meta tags and pay per click are not always the best solution for getting on the first pages of major search engines any longer.  This is a surprise for most clients and they are daunted by this new methodology called “semantics”.  Semantics involves the use of phrases as opposed to a single keyword driving traffic to a site. Many of our small and large businesses are losing traffic every day to more professional sites using a professional writing staff to fill their pages with great content and rich keyword phrases which attract viewers based upon a phrase rather than a key word typed into a search field.
In the past as long as we added a few specific key words and submitted our business sites to be reviewed by search engines occasionally we were good to go.  This is no longer the case.  Google has kept this secret under wraps for several months before releasing the new strategy.  They were hoping to weed out (bad actors) or those sites using unprofessional methods.  Our Google representative called this “gaming the system.”  To stop these folks from continuing this method, Google has been very selective in explaining exactly how the new Google search algorithims work.  Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the changes.
The best rule of thumb that we can offer our clients is this.  Keep your blog content up to date weekly adding rich and creative content.  If you feel your writing skills are lacking, and have no journalism background, consider hiring a professional.  This will be an added expense but a necessary one if you want to keep ahead of the competition.  Consider this just part of your business marketing budget for 2012 and beyond.  As stratagies change, so must we change our thinking.  Call us for a list of professionals in your area.
Another suggestion is to strive to make your website an “authority” site (one that educates all viewers that visit the site about the product or service you provide).
Write like no one is watching but create something worth reading.  When you have finished, read it again and ask yourself this, “would someone finding this article or post, share the post with others or gain in some way from reading this content”?  If the answer is no, then try again.  Start over and create your own masterpiece for success, one blog post at a time.
You’ll boost your search engine visibility and keep your site current with great content worth reading.  This will increase the viewership and raise your site to a level which will be ranked with the best.  Your site will be known as an “authority site.”
Conclusion:  The new normal for business success is creating great website content and sharing it with others ….got it?
Hurry back ….
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer


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