Orlando Web: Mobile Ready Responsive Design..is your future calling?

Aug 12, 2012

It never surprises me when clients start calling and asking about the new technology. With an industry full of talented technical gurus, a new method is always on the horizon. Our end users are the benefactors of this ever changing technology and we all benefit from their initiative and vision.
Let’s talk about Mobile Ready Design (sometimes referred to as “responsive design”).
There is a plethora of Smartphones, Netbooks, Tablets and other gadgets out there available to consumers. To stay current and to offer sites that are able to adapt to these devices requires us to offer “responsive design strategy” as we build new sites in 2012.
Creating a mobile ready and responsive web design capable in adapting to multiple devices does require new programming to be installed. This is what we are all about lately. Existing designs are being re-programmed to be responsive and those clients looking for their first site are asking for this great new technology as well.
Dedicated mobile sites are now being replaced with a well programmed responsive site which is mobile ready and responsive to more mediums.
You may notice that many responsive sites are more minimalistic in design and feel. They have less bells and whistles thus load more quickly and allow user friendliness to be taken to a new level. Normally, mobile sites allow the user to visit the original site. However, the original site may not be optimized to the new mobile standard. It may be more cost effective for the client to start with a responsive site which will also double as a mobile site and save the additional expense of two sites, mobile and static.
Since it is becoming clear that more people are surfing the web using mobile devices, it just makes good sense to us responsive design strategy as a new choice when searching for design and programming solutions.
Please click on the jpeg image here to see the clean and simple look of responsive design strategy.  I think you’ll agree that simple and responsive is the new future of web design.  This site was just launched and should do very well with the new programming.
We are no longer being asked for Flash technology and more of our clients are opting for a clean and simple design which is optimizable for other devices.  Many of our older clients still prefer to remain with the Flash elements as they were happy with those from before.
As far as the future and Adobe technology, we are hoping that Adobe and Apple can overcome their areas of disagreement and this medium we all came to know as “Flash”  can once again be considered. As for now however, most of our designers and programmers are choosing to use a method called jQuery for adding a few animation highlights.  The changing images presentation in the site featured here on our post was accomplished by using jQuery technology.
Call us to inquire about building a responsive site for your unique business.
Please hurry back and enjoy the end of summer.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer


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