What We Teach Website Clients About SEO and Article Marketing!

Aug 17, 2012

Most new clients, and especially those who are embarking on their first web design project, know very little about the buzz words they have heard about such as SEO (Search Engine Optimizaton) and ROI, (Return On Investment) etc. The one thing they do know is that their new site could be the key to their future and they are looking to us to show them the way.
As we create their beautiful website, we also consider it our responsibility to teach article marketing and a few good blogging techniques to our clients? As part of our overall site proposal, we include at least two hours of SEO training. Although this may cover only the basics, and we realize there is much more they should learn going forward, we feel our clients will come away knowing enough to be dangerous?  This short training session will allow them to become more independent and to manage their own sites successfully.
There is a sea of information out there and it is easy for any site owner to be completely daunted and overwhelmed. Our small training session gets them started on the right track.  Going forward, our SEO professionals will schedule further in-depth training if requested.  Our SEO  team at “Rise Creative Group” offer many marketing and PR solutions which will enhance continued education.  We have all of the bases covered.  As new SEO techniques are introduced by the major search engines, our team of professionals will be on top of everything to inform our clients of changes as they occur.
How important is article writing to determine site rank?
Writing articles that draw interest to your site will bring dramatic results, but only if the article is one of interest to viewers. An article of quality can elevate  your site to a new level quickly. As your rank improves, so does the amount of traffic to the site. This is the tool which will engage your target audience and bring more ROI your way (Return on Investment).
Client participation in their own site success is needed:
At our training session, we go over how their participation, once the new design is online will impact their success. A pretty face (a great design) is only the beginning. Without understanding the basics of how the search engines work would leave our client with nothing but a beautiful web site (a big dead zone) lost among the many other sites launched every day.
Learning to write interesting articles:
The first question is normally “how do I learn to write high ranking articles, and how does my target audience find us?  Our answer is that Google is looking for quality articles and interesting content which is fresh and new. Along with the article itself, the search engines are ranking the actual key words in your article as you post new content. The entire web site and the blog area is scanned for useful information. How thoroughly the client has done with the great rich text from page to page and the quality posting will determine what rank the client will receive at any given time.
What should new clients write about?
Every site owner is tasked with writing articles that folks will search for. As we teach our new website clients we teach them that the first thing the search engine scans is the title. Make sure it is full of good keywords and use those keywords again at least once in the article itself. Also check the title in Google.com and other top search engines to see if the article is a new and interesting one. Don’t duplicate an article that is already there. Reach for fresh new ideas or hire a guest blogger to bring a new perspective to your content.  Here is a great new article we found which spells it out perfectly.  We have hired a guest blogger, Mindy Wall, to post twice during the month of September.  A fresh perspective brings new readership.
We suggest that clients first research what their audience is looking for. Visit some other great links and see what is happening in a specific industry and choose a topic based upon the news of the day. No one wants to read “old news.” Write about something you are passionate about and something that will help others understand your business and your industry better. Don’t bore viewers with numerous facts and figures. A few bullets are ok and will make the article stand out. Too many will drive the viewer away. Be moderate and be engaged in the subject you choose to write about.
When a client receives a great rank ….does the ranking remain high?
Ranking is never permanent and though the client may enjoy a high ranking on one occasion based upon a specific article picked up by the search engines, does not mean he will enjoy the same rank on another date. It is not wise to try and determine your success based upon one blog post, or one article which achieves notice. It is rather the ongoing participation and content which will develop over a period of time. Once the content in the article is perceived as old news, your article and your ranking will change (to be replaced with another article which may be fresh and new). It is an ongoing struggle. This is why you must post regularly and often.
Do older sites do better with ranking?
Yes, it is our experience that even though we are not all privy to the complete methods of the top search engines, we do notice that older sites are normally ranked as authority sites. Newer web sites must try hard in the first few months to gain rank by creating killer articles to post and by improving the other pages of the website by keeping the content fresh. We suggest that you add new content to static pages about once a year and post no less than once a week as we do.
In conclusion we encourage all new site owners to learn as much as possible through the great free online sites which are helful and in informative. One such site that he highly recommend is “Site Pro News.” Live it and learn SEO …it is our future and the pathway to reach our target viewers who will grow our businesses.
Thanks for reading our article.
Article by: Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
Inside Design Orlando


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