Google keyword tool no longer reliable for SEOs …Great Content still shines!

Aug 29, 2012

SEOs are now relying more on great content:
A low blog has just occurred to those SEO professionals who have previously used the Google “keyword tool” to collect data on keywords. Google is now releasing search information only for those keywords that they deem as having historical commercial results, and those keywords that are attached to other keywords of interest.
This recent change has lead search engine experts to report that Google’s Keyword Tool is no longer reliable for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Creating great content still shines as the method that really works for top ranking sites.
How does Google benefit?
This is great for Google, since it will require companies to now purchase ad word campaigns on additional words that they may think are effective without receiving proof from the Google Key Word Tool.  For more clarification, read more here.
The length of time on line counts:
New website owners should realize that as their site is launched, that it is up against big brands that have been online a long time and their search engine optimization methods have been in play for quite a while. Using a top keyword such as “photography” as an example,  gets millions of hits each month. However, unless your search engine optimization goes further by explaining physical location, type of photography, offer a special price or amazing discount to the lone keyword “photography,” you have little or no chance of being found.  We call adding a few additional  keywords to the original keyword as “adding longtail keywords.”  Read more  about this from a well known SEO professional in our industry.
Re-Writing Page Content is helpful:
In the past many of our clients did little changes from page to page when it came to re-writing new content. This is completely necessary today if you wish to compete with the top performers. Inside Design Orlando has a list of professional content writers who will assist you in keeping your page content fresh and your keywords up to date. Having great content from page to page is now more important than ever before. Choosing relevant keywords and those keyword which will attract a better viewer is always the best route to take.
Stay as current as technology changes by reading everything you can on the subject. Rather than worrying about the changes, own what is happening, You can become a part of the ever changing solution and your company and your product brand will reap the rewards.
Please contact us to clarify any issue you are confused about. Our SEO staff is here to assist you and help with clarification. We are out there for you ….reading and learning everyday … staying on top of new changes and keeping you in the know!
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
Inside Design Orlando


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