How will professional blogging help my website gain new traffic?

Sep 3, 2012

When we complete a website we normally ask the client who will be taking on the blogging responsibility for their website, they usually answer by saying, “I’ll just post something once in a while myself to save hiring a professional.” When we hear this answer we immediately know that they will seldom, if ever log in and add new content. It also tells us how successful their new site will become or how unsuccessful their effort will be.
Search engines are looking for new content and currrent news stories.  Not just any news stories will do.  Original articles written using current news and views from others in your specific industry is key to gaining the top rank.  The article or post must be special and worth reading or it will not be scanned. The content must be thoughtful and well researched. It must be a topic which would benefit those that read it.
Writing a quick post which is quickly constructed and clearly not researched will not work.
Clients have no idea how our professional bloggers research for several hours coming up with an article which would be noticed by search engine spiders. Their creativity is overlooked and most often their time spent to develop and research article content is completely underrated. Free lance writers in our industry are quite a commodity and can write their own ticket.
I just recently asked Mindy, one of our bloggers, to prepare a first post for a paint and body shop here in town. Blogging for a paint and body shop may not sound exciting but our bloggers are quick to accept any new client and to offer their best efforts on the client’s behalf, no matter the type of business or service presented.
Below is the response I received from Mindy on how the post was progressing.
Mindy’s Reply:
“I researched several areas as it relates to “Paint & Body Shop Services.” I searched for a single topic I could get passionate about. I looked at repair styles, parts, equipment… Seven (7) reasons people get into an accident (causing the need for body work). I researched how to find the proper place for you to get your car fixed topic. I worked on it all night and I’m still working on it… I’m going to get some sleep and I am going to look at it from a different angle in the morning.”
Knowing how much effort is put into each and every blog post is proof enough on just how valuable each of our SEOs are. Mindy’s efforts for this client will not go unnoticed. He will soon realize how important her writing ability is as her blog posts begin to attract new viewers to his site and as his conversion rate and revenue increases. Staying competitive on the web requires this new effort.
Our writers and bloggers, are educated and talented writers and researchers who spend countless hours coming up with new topics of interest to blog about. Our clients are now beginning to understand that by adding new and valuable content to their websites will help to establish the site as a thought leader (an authority site) which will bring more traffic and more new business their way.
Contact us to discuss blogging criteria and search engine changes in algorithims. We also provide a list of qualified and experienced free lance writers like “Mindy Wall” should you wish to consider a real SEO professional. If you are unable to hire a full time blogger for your site, several of our bloggers are available as “guest bloggers” and will provide a creative post occasionally which may be more cost effective for you.
Mindy Wall will be adding the next two blog posts to our Design Shop blog area.
We look forward to reading her well researched and interesting new content.  A special thank you to Mindy and all of our hard working writers out there in webland that work hard each week to keep our clients on top of the heap.
Article by: Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer (


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