The Origin of Content Marketing within Website Design

Sep 6, 2012

Advertisements… advertisements! They’re everywhere! They slide down the sides, they scroll across the top and bottom… sounds like the opening line to an old horror film and the scariest ones are the ones you literally can’t get away from.  Here’s the “ending credits” to this form of advertising… The general public doesn’t even remember the product or purpose of the advertisement!
Billions and countless hours are being spent on these advertisements, so studies were performed to prove what we, the general public, already know, but companies keep on making them year after year.  There were a select few recently that took the information and created a new method of marketing.  It’s called content marketing. It is a website or web page designed specifically for the purpose of containing nothing but information and marketing a specific product. This is great for companies because it is only one page or site, they only have to make it once, even though it does require maintenance, and they don’t have to pay for several advertisement links on other pages.
But wait, there’s a catch, there’s always a catch. The catch is they have to wait for us to click on them, so companies add educational, informational, and industrial news updates to the website or page. Sometimes this is helpful to us and sometimes it isn’t but at least it has gotten us on their page. A quick click of the back button, useful information found or not, and you are back to researching, but you have unobtrusively seen their product and what it can offer. Studies have yet to be published, but the general public response appears to be giving two thumbs up.
Now everyone is jumping on the band wagon to create “content marketing web pages within their web design.” Sounds simple enough, until “content marketing” is typed into a Google search.  Suddenly there is more information on the subject than ever imagined, even self-help and success story videos but no web site or video explaining where to start or how to organize all that information into something useful.  Now is when a good web designer, like Orlando Web Design, should be contacted.  They will help you by breaking down the process of designing a content marketing web site or page to suit the needs of your company, your budget, and most importantly your customer.


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