Why does web design progression require twitter?

Sep 11, 2012

Those that remember simple brick and mortar locations with a simple advertisement on a billboard or in a phone book marvel at the technology that is an obvious necessity for any business today, almost as much as those today marvel at the differences from yesterday.  Google and Pandora still hold the highest usage and value, but right behind them is Twitter!
That’s right the third most used and most valuable company is a social network designed entirely to keep people as currently informed to a business as possible, which for a company can spell web design or disaster.  According to one study a company would have to create roughly a hundred connections with other companies just to attract readers to the new company’s tweets in order to start a successful twitter following.  Then that company would have to create a minimum of five posts to twitter at 3 hour intervals from 6 am to 6 pm every day just to keep readers following the tweets, and that is just the minimum.  The study also suggests that the company do far more than the minimum when getting started.
That is a great deal of work for any company, let alone a new company just starting out, but it is well worth all the work.  Web designers, like Orlando Web Design, will tell any new company to start with a blog section on their website.  Each post within the blog will include a twitter tag so that other companies may tweet the information on their network, thereby progressing the new company’s twitter network.  Now it is nearly impossible to find a post, page, site, or picture that does not include at least one tag, and twitter has now surpassed Facebook in the number of tags, not to mention value.  After all, the president of the United States never thanked Facebook.


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