How Important is New Content and Link Building to reach top two pages in Google?

Sep 15, 2012

If you are looking to get top ranking in Google, you must consider two methods which are equally important in gaining and keeping your top Google ranking. Number one is “adding new site content.” Number two is “link building.”
To show that you are an expert in your field, you must build content strategy and offer the type of content that is beneficial to those visiting your site. Offering content regarding your own company services or talking only about your own products will not do the trick. You must prove to the search engines that you are an authority in your field by educating your viewers about all facets of your field.  We suggest that you add new content at least once a year to your static website pages, just as you add new content in blog articles each week.
Providing current news and comments regarding your field of expertise will drive your numbers higher as you become an authority in your own right and thus your website will be listed among the top contenders for site ranking. Your site (as an authority site) will be placed in the top placement which usually involves a place on the top two pages of Google and other search engines. This is the Golden Grail of SEO strategy. You must add high quality content if you want the higher ranking and placement.
Hiring a great content writer is the quickest way to achieve top rank. If you are not a writer yourself it is well worth the expense to hire a professional. Afterall, you are busy running your business. Gathering top individuals around you that have the skills necessary to keep your site in front of your target audience should be left (in my opinion) to those knowing the most about Search Engine Optimization and Article writing. These SEO professionals are also responsible for keeping up with changing technology which will keep your site current on all levels.
No, in our opinion, running a business while trying to keep up with SEO changes may prove too laborious. As a site owner you must recognize that you cannot do everything. Your time could be better spent on running your business, networking with new potential customers, SEO and blogging technique is the vehicle that’s going to bring people to your websites. Without getting to the top of Google and other search engines, you’re not going to get close to reaching the amount of traffic you need to earn revenue from your websites.
Experience teaches us that if you choose to add links from other sites that have a high page rank is more valuable than adding a link from a site with lower rank. Link building is completely necessary if you want to achieve top rankings in Google. You do have to be careful and link to those sites having better ranking themselves. This linking method will boost your traffic online and drive more qualified visitors to your site looking for your own unique product or service.
The second great method for link building is known as “backlinking.” This consists of linking back to a page you are discussing as you write your article/post or add content to a website static page.
You would highlight the word “contact” and back link that word to your actual contact page of your website. By building up these links, you will increase your ranking position.
Search engines are becoming very savvy. They see an attempt to game the system easily. Adding a ton of extra keywords into the content of an article, and other sly tricks of the trade are quickly caught and dealt with by earning you a lower rank.
We suggest that you write as if you are writing a great novel or informational brochure. Provide creative and useful information, great links and a bit of back linking will add value as well. Trying to fool Google is much like trying to fool Mother Nature. You are likely to end up as the fool yourself!
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Article by: Jean Holland-Rose, Inside Design Orlando


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