How to connect with my target audience and increase website traffic!

Sep 20, 2012

Building your brand and driving new traffic your way requires connecting with your target audience and building a fan base of followers.  To do this you must create pithy articles that rock their world.
Get to know your target audience and do your research. Educate them with news which will make their lives easier. Learning great blogging techniques is an art  that can be learned.  As you improve your blogging skills, you will improve your message and attract a higher viewership. Your goal is to connect using content worth reading. Use relevant backlinking which will also improve your amount of traffic.
No quick fixes:
Attracting a following for your blog takes time and is not a quick process. Knowing this will help you to stay away from unrealistic expectations. As you blog and build trust with your audience, you will notice that your traffic will improve and your fan base will grow. Blogging methods change and you must be willing to learn new techniques.
Having success and building a connection with others is not merely luck. Those visitors willing to return (the target audience), do so only because you have carefully offered valuable messaging that is worth their time in returning to read more.
Making friends for life:
In the real world when we meet someone new, we need time to decide how important this new relationship will become. The same holds true for attracting a fan base of followers. They may visit your site once and read your blog post. However, if the post actually offers information relevant for their use, then you are increasing your chances of having them return for more.
Promoting yourself:
It is normal to want to promote yourself and to offer only your own specific products or services. However, you should not lose sight of why social media came about. It was created to build online relationships. Consider educating your viewership regarding your area of expertise. This will improve your brand by driving more qualified buyers to your site looking for quality content as well as learning more about your own brand. This combination is the one that works. Social media can help your brand if it is used in the proper way. No one wants to hear only about your brand. They want to know, “how can you help me?”
Creating helpful content:
Each post should be considered as a helpful article which might help someone. It might help someone understand your products and services, or it may just be a helpful tip or two which will help the viewership avoid mistakes that could impact their business or day to day life. If you have nothing useful to say ….wait until you develop a new strategy. In this busy world, most of us do not have time to read for fun. We are normally looking to have a question answered and want this information quickly.
Asking for help:
Hiring a professional freelance writer or someone with actual journalism experience is a huge advantage for your company and for your website. Marketing costs (like other costs) should be figured into your yearly overall budget. Trying to fly by the seat of your pants may not be the best decision when you can easily find a professional who will research and provide quality articles to enhance your business website. In our opinion, this expenditure is one of the most important ones to consider going forward into the new year if you are looking for more website success. Search engines look for quality content and interesting titles, etc. If you cannot provide this weekly yourself, consider a professional to get your message out there.
Adding quality content to your website is key to success in 2012.  Rocking their world with great blog posts will keep them coming back for more!
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose


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