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Oct 8, 2012

Thank you for visiiting our Design Shop blog.  Because top search engines including Google, rank our web content based upon good writing techniques and good blogging methods, today we are including a few blogging tips from our latest workshop on content marketing.   For the next few blog posts I will be featuring some of these suggested methods for building a better blog post.  Let’s get started:
1) Font Choice:
Write in legible font which is easy to read for all viewers. Sans serif fonts are suggested.
Keep the font size consistent throughout the article or blog post. Further, consistency with font size and style on each page of the website (page to page) creates a more professional look and feel.
2) When to use capital letters:
Do not capitalize words to bring attention to the word. This takes up 30% more space. This is also frowned upon because some viewers feel you are shouting at them. Capital letters are ok for the first letter of each proper noun, etc, but we discourage the use of “all caps” in content marketing.
3) Using the “italic” function:
Italic is ok when you are trying to place emphasis upon a single word or two… However, use sparingly and do not use the italic function on any heading.
4) Don’t center text
Centering text violates the need for good alignment during reading. Anchor your text by using the “left justification method.” Centering text does not offer a place to return to easily and is not suggested for websites nor for blog posts, articles, etc. Keep the centering function for use on invitations and the like.
5) When do I use the “underline” function?
The underline function is never to be used in website content unless the word or phrase underlined is an actual link to another site or page in the site. Viewers assume that anything underlined is a “live link.” If it is not, you can see the confusion.
6) When should the “bold” function and “color” be used?
Use the bold or the color functions to point out different topic headings and/or sub-headings. In this case it is perfectly ok to change the size of the font. If a stylesheet is being used for the website however you should follow the stylesheet default. Again you should be consistent here.
7) What is the best rule for creating an interesting headline (title) for the blog post or article?
Choose words that your site visitors would use. Combining a keyword with a question is helpful. Eight words is a good start but at least 72 characters is suggested. Use a call to action or ask a question. Be brief but be unique and clever. Think of article titles or headlines as questions your site visitors might ask.
8) The web is fluid and changes often. How do I keep current on new methods?
Pick out a few great websites that offer the most current information regarding SEO techniques. Go back to those sites often to learn about the new technology which might affect your efforts. Schedule time each day to read and learn. These tips will bring you the most successful SEO results. Compare the quality of your work to other writers on the web and strive to improve your skills.
Conclusion & Special Thank you!
A special shout out to our Brand Manager at Rise Creative Group (Dawn Borglund). We had a great blogging workshop this weekend which provided me with these great blogging tips to offer to you, our followers.  As our workshop instructor, Dawn taught us new blogging rules and added her own special teaching charm that she shares with all of her lucky students.  Clients that attended learned a great deal and are hard at work this week using what they learned to build better blog posts.  A big part of what we were taught is to stay connected with our target audience in a more personable way.
Our next workshop available for clients to attend in person, will be scheduled soon and we’ll be posting the information to RSVP within the next month.  Everyone is welcome as long as you RSVP when the workshop is announced so stay tuned.
Good luck out there and hurry back for more blogging rules from the design wizards at InsideDesignOrlando.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer (InsideDesignOrlando)


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