How to generate web content that works…. build a better blog and they will come!

Oct 13, 2012

SEO Workshop Suggestions:
At our workshop this past weekend the top question asked was, “how do we  generate web content that works?  The right answer, according to our SEO teacher would be the content folks are searching for. If your site displays and presents the content and keywords they are using in their search, they will come! Your clever long tail key words, phrasing (and semantics) will lead them to your door!
Watch this short video to learn all about “long tail keywords.”
Home Page Content is a First Impression:
Your page content (on the page we call the landing page) will be your viewer’s first impression of what your company is offering. Although all page content is important, the home page is by far the most important page of the site. Content must be current, accurate, credible and easy to understand. Bulleted lists, long tail keywords and tables of interest are the best choice for home page content. The content should quickly identify your services and answer your visitor’s question.
Content should be relevant and brief, using keywords:
Don’t get wordy …. If you develop a “welcome paragraph or mention mission statement or other similar content, keep it to a maximum of two well written paragraphs using targeted keywords.  Consider putting your mission information, or other content on other pages such as the “About Page.” Content should be brief enough so that the visitor does not have to scroll to read. Keep it simple. Five paragraphs of text is the absolute maximum when you are considering home page content. We suggest less is best.
Content which works best:
We know that all of you are also blogging every week to build better content and to work on making your site an “authority site.” Get to know who your readers are and what content would work best for those that are visiting the site. The easiest way to do this is to check your web statistics. Look at the top key words used as visitors were searching your site. If you don’t have website statistics you might consider changing hosting companies.ead them to your door.  This blog post is all about building a better blog.
Don’t Grill Us For Information:
Let’s start with pop up ads.  All of us are bombarded every day with a ton of unwanted information. We are urging you to stay away from adding these annoying pop-up windows requiring information. Experience has shown us that many folks feel this is a deal breaker. Many of us would prefer to leave the site rather than bow to this tactic. We are visiting your site to have our questions answered …not to answer yours.
Answer Our Question Quickly:
Most of us are very busy people and our time may be limited. Animation may be cool but it is not why we search the web. We also don’t search websites to look for mobile applications or to read social media. We search the web with a question in mind. You have a precious few seconds to answer our question before we move on to other sites. Knowing this, we highly recommend that you take the time to build better web content.
Get Free Statistics:
There are hosting companies out there that offer “free statistics.” We refer a hosting company called “Omnis” who does offer free stats for all clients. Google analytics is another method which will offer a method to look at targeted key words which you can use for headlines.  If you want to change your hosting company, complete our Free Quote form here and we’ll assist you with the task of changing over.
Learn to create clever and relevant headlines:
Finding an appropriate topic, title or headline will become easier as you write regularly and engage your audience. Write about an upcoming company event, about a new employee and his expertise, a promotion you are offering that has a specific savings for your visitor and don’t forget to include up to the minute news and views about your specific area of expertise.
Think outside the website:
Look outside your own company for valuable words from others that are well respected in your industry. Another suggestion is to use guest bloggers from time to time to present a fresh perspective.
Keep them coming back for more:
For an example, if you sell real estate you could write a real estate article which might feature your first post on “buyers” and the next post on “sellers.” If your article is a very long article and exceeds five hundred words, we highly recommend you do this. Inform your viewers that the article content will be presented in several parts, which will prompt them to return to read the entire content.
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Article by: Jean Holland-Rose


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