How to use content strategy for top SEO Results

Oct 19, 2012

How did we use content strategy?
Inside Design Orlando used content stategy to develop a business plan which would attract followers.  We first considered who our visitors might be and exactly why they would be searching for our site.  Once we knew this, we were able to develop a plan of action.  Our first responsibility was to write relevant content to keep them coming back to learn more.
What is our goal?
Our goal as we moved forward was to showcase our own services while at the same time educating viewers about our specific industry and also to offer up to the minute news and views.  Our business plan was developed with this goal in mind.  Offering current news allowed us to go a step further.  Now, we were not only featuring informative articles showcasing our own services but we were also including educational information.
Articles about SEO and web design methods that change constantly was a great choice.  This information would be changing in “real time” as methodology changes.   This strategy proved to be a successful one with the top search engines constantly changing their criteria for the search tool.
How Important is research?
It is most important for us to research new information (in real time) which is most relevant. Outdated information has no use for those looking for up to the minute news and views.  With the search engines competing with each other for the viewership there is always new information to report to our viewers.  This is not irrelevant information, but information which will change their search method and thus affect their businesses.
Learning to think strategically:
As we learn to think “strategically” we build our content in a way that will follow our business plan very closely. The content featured week after week, now becomes an ongoing educational vehicle for others to follow if their interest is learning more about SEO and Web Development. These followers would be known as our target audience.
Offering additional benefits helps to bring results:
Our main goal is to provide continuing education about SEO and Website Development. However, it is wise to also offer (on occasion) special benefits (a good deal) to those who follow our content such as savings on Website Design and/or SEO Workshops offered at no cost. These additional savings can be offered as a holiday special or maybe following the seasons such as a “fall special.”
Creating your own business plan:
Your goal and messaging should follow with a specific style based upon your own overall business plan. This plan will follow the information available from your specific industry regarding your products or services provided. Here are a few suggestions or tips which will offer a guide to developing your own  business plan using content strategy:
Provide consistent messaging.
Write articles which are researched in “real time” for information accuracy.
Stay on message to encourage visitors to come back for more and to build credibility.
Invite “guest bloggers” once in a while to offer your followers a different perspective
Pay close attention to grammar and spelling. Check the article for errors before publishing.
Create great headlines for all articles and/or posts and be personable.
Remember to keep the content credible (news and info in real time) up to date.
A friendly tone and good content style will keep visitors coming back for more.
Hurry back for more news you can use.
Article by: Jean Holland-Rose:


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