All Roads to the Top of Google require Consistent Content Marketing

Oct 25, 2012

Finding the road to the top of Google is very illusive for many of us.  We have learned that Google and top search engines are not scanning our sites just to check out our great products and services in order to list us.  We know that “fresh content is king.” Unless we have a specific marketing budget for hiring a professional blogger, we must do the blogging ourselves each week and hope that our content is worthy of top listings.
Articles should be interesting and compelling:
As we begin to blog and add interesting and compelling content to our site, over time, we can improve our blogging skills.  Remember this quote from a famous writer, Sommerset Maughn: Only a mediocre writer is always at his best.
Patience is needed to see the results from our hard work however.  The effort must continue for several months to notice a real result. Writing a few good articles will not get you to the top of Google.  Search engines are looking for consistency.  They soon learn how often you post and how relevant the content may be.  As you feel more comfortable and gain writing experience, your posts will be listed and will be found easily by your followers.  Your followers will get to know you and the relevance of your writing style and compelling content will keep them coming back for more. Writing consistently week to week will set up the momentum to be noticed by the big boys!
Include Current News:
Article writing should include current news and views: Going further, we can add an educational twist to all of our articles and blog posts.  This will not only brand us as an educational site, but one of authority.  So, by offering not only our own information but by adding up to the minute news regarding your industry is the method that brings the real results.
Use Anchor Text as you link to add value:
Adding links to your content as they naturally occur (in a natural way) is a good idea and will let search engines know that your site is communicating with relevant sites of interest. Use a method known as “anchor text” to create links. For instance if you are linking to a site writing a blog post, you might choose to link the text using the words “article writing” or instead you might use “writing an article.”
Anchor text lets the search engines know what your article is about by using these informative keywords. You can also create “anchor text” to suggest what your site is about as well. Be cautious and do not use the same anchor text (same phrase) over and over as this might send a red flag to Google that the link is not a natural looking link.  The linking is to help Google determine who you are. Don’t overdo the linking.
Free Blogging Workshops & Professional Bloggers Available:
We provide “free” blogging workshops on a regular basis for those clients looking to learn the skill of blogging.  Stay in touch as we publish the date and time for the next workshop.  The workshop is taught by Dawn Borglund (SEO Professional and Brand Manager from Rise Creative Group.  You may RSVP and we would love to have you attend. We will also provide a current list of our professional blogging staff upon request.   If you are too busy to keep your site updated, they can be of assistance.  Guest bloggers are uses as well once in a while to offer a fresh prespective.
October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”
We salute those agencies and communities across America, working to promote breast cancer awareness, share information and to those agencies and clinics providing services for breast screening. Many of our clients are taking part this month in walks for breast cancer awareness in Central Florida.
Special Offer:
Any new clients “walking for breast cancer awareness in Central Florida will receive a special 10% discount off any Web Design proposal through November of 2012.
We pray for those who are suffering with breast cancer. We will continue to offer our support to raise money and to eventually find a cure. We urge all visitors to visit the official site for Breast Cancer Awareness to find a location near you for breast screening. This could save your life.


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