How to get listed on the top pages of Google ….Halloween trick or treat?

Oct 30, 2012

Are you curious about how to get listed on the top pages of Google?  If so, then realize that part of your 2013 budget should be set aside for content writing.  Your time is your most valuable asset ….make it matter.  Leave the blogging to our professional SEO staff and get the notice you deserve.  Call us to provide you with a list of our SEO Technicians.
Improve your ROI (Return On Investment) this year. The search engines have changed the way their search tool works and  now uses a method called “semantics.” Methods of the past are no longer valid.  Google is no longer using meta words as before.  Please read the link here regarding the change in Google’s search tool.
Follow the steps below and you’ll be one of those listed.
1) The article or post must be compelling and relevant based upon your product or service?
2) The content must be original and should read like a magazine article of interest?
3) Search engines are drawn first to unusual and clever headlines?
4) Research is necessary to produce an article worthy of notice.
5) Hire a free lance journalist or professional SEO individual
6) Realize that blogging is not a secretarial function.
7) Posting the wrong content will not result in higher ranking.

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Sharing a photo of our favorite little ones around the office.
Take a look at our “Shihtzu Design Dogs” Emeline Rose (a little Halloween devil) and Peppermint Twist (a Fireman for Halloween).
We wish our clients and visitors a spooky and happy Halloween holiday.  Stay safe and hurry back for more news you can use.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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