How do business and entrepreneurs adjust to the new normal?

Nov 8, 2012

Well the election is over and much will be changing in our lives since those last votes were counted. We have had a wake up call as to who our electorate really is. We are a very divided nation which is now (more and more) being run by cultural majorities. Like it or not, many cultures vote only on what is available from the government for them.
Going forward, they will continue to vote not on “love of country” but on who can offer the most monetary goodies.  There is no fault here, there is no blame. Many new Americans are not familiar with our history and know only what is affecting them at any given time and react upon that alone.  Knowing this however, there were many good things that happened on election day of 2012 for American patriots.  Believe in America and know it will come back stronger.
The education system in our country needs an overhaul if we want to keep America the greatest nation on earth.  Hopefully, President Obama will put money toward a better education for our immigrants and for all students.  Further, we must reach out as a community, as an American family and embrace those that are in need and make sure we do our part to bring this fractured nation together again.  We will strive to be again “one nation”  but it will take all of us working together.
America was not built upon the notion that we would arrive on shore and take our place in line at the welfare office. We arrived penniless but full of hope that to be free was the greatest riches we could achieve. Our great country was built by dreamers (your grandparents and your parents) who faced great adversity, but endured and succeeded using their own determination and will.
Innovation has always started with “individual achievement.” Don’t listen to anyone claiming that indivualism is dead.  Stay positive and believe in the human spirit which will endure.
New entrepreneurs and new ideas from an individual has always been the heartbeat of America.  We are special, we are unique and as divided as we are now, we are still one family.  New businesses will need new web designs and we are expecting the tech industry to reach new heights in the coming years.  We look forward to welcoming many new businesses and start ups in the new year.  InsideDesignOrlando will be offering special website design savings throughout the year to help our new business owners.  Our support will be there for those willing to work hard and make a difference.
To make it however, in this challenging economy, and with the new taxes coming our way, many startup companies must work more efficiently, hire less people, and outsource work abroad. To be sure, this will stop them from having to pay for the new health care cost which is now going to become a part of our lives for a long time to come. This is a sad reality for us since it destroys the opportunity for Americans looking for work here to find good employment. Most small business owners feel we should concentrate upon the talented immigrants already in this country, offering training and education to fill the jobs available.
By fixing a broken high-skilled immigration system and encouraging the world’s most talented innovators already here in America, we will once again secure our lead as the world’s most entrepreneurial economy. We all hope that President Obama will look at this need closely as he makes plans for our future. We also hope the broken immigration system will be fixed and a new generation of doers and dreamers will emerge to take us forward to a new day.
Thought for the day …
Elections come and go. Faith endures:
Chins up. Stand tall. We’ll fight again tomorrow
Article by Jean Holland-Rose


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