Google and the future of Organic Listings!

Nov 11, 2012

Google is changing the playing field again!
What we are noticing lately is that Google is now moving the organic listings further and further below on the first and second pages of search results. If you are the person in charge of SEO on your own site, you realize this will impact your profit based upon the fact that most customers choose higher listings to search for goods and services.
The most sought after competitive key words in the organic listings now show up further down the page. This requires the customers to scroll further to see the content. Many have complained about this new trend to no avail. The truth is that Google does not care about your business search results.  Google is only concerned with its users and shareholders. We’re reading this everywhere and as site owners, it is up to us to keep up with this movement and to be pro-active in developing a new SEO strategy which will work and carry us forward through the next year.
The future of organic listings:
We are pretty sure that Google organic listings will last since they seem to be the bread and butter for Google. However, should the bottom fall out and Google and other search engines decide to change the algorithims again, it is smart to use other SEO tools available such as social media, developing a fan base, creating a website that is an authority site by posting incredible blog posts which grab the attention of search engines and last but certainly not least, AD WORDS should be a part of the tool kit for the future.
I know it has been easy for us to rely totally on Google and organic search results to drive business our way.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever so it is time to look at other avenues which will bring the same …or near the same results.  Organic search may endure but we must look beyond this if we want to stay current with trends developing.  Don’t be caught off guard …become involved and get engaged.  You can stay ahead of the curve but it will take some effort.
What happens when the organic search results won’t work?
I have many, many clients who are wringing hands trying to understand just what happened to their comfy little organic world.  Change is the one thing we can all count upon..  Since this is the case, other ways of advertising should not be ignored.  Things such as business card design and delivery, finding new ways to thank customers for their past business such as promotional items, preparing a monthly newsletter, in other words, targeting the great customers who have already done business with you in the past.  This group of customers have friends and family to send your way.  Always remember that referral business is 80% of your business…..only 20% is new business found.  Think positive and greet change with a new vision for continued success.
SEO tool kit for 2013 …. new tools to consider:
There is an old saying which says “if you can’t beat them…join them.” This may hold the clue as we move forward to the new year. Starting a Google AD WORD campaign might be the ticket. You would be able to immediately reach the target audience as the exact moment they are searching. It is now being stated that AD WORDS reach 80% of users in the US.  At InsideDesignOrlando, our design wizards are offering AD WORD campaigns designed toward each individual business owner.  Contact us regarding this if you cannot set up your own Google AD WORD campaign.
There are benefits in advertising with Google directly. You are able to control your budget and there is no minimum amount of investment. There are positive aspects of this advertising waiting to be discovered. Using AD WORDS should be a safe bet since Google will probably continue with this to satisfy their investors ….at least for now.
Thanks for stopping by.. hurry back for more SEO news.
Jean Holland-Rose, Inside Design Orlando


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