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Nov 16, 2012

Inside Design Orlando understands that large and small business is the heart of our American legacy. We appreciate our clients as they go forward with renewed hope for the new year.  With all that is wrong with the world, it is great to stop as the holidays approach, and celebrate our clients and their efforts to foster continued entrepreneurial spirit and drive new job growth.  We need jobs above all right now so we salute all of you business owners out there doing your best to move us forward (even with a lagging economy).
Congratulations to New Source Corp and to Sandstone Builders on their new site launches this month.  Each site has a great deal of new functionality and both companies are expecting growth this year.
The staff at New Source Corp has chosen one of our bloggers, Mindy Wall to keep the new site current and offer new information weekly regarding their industry.  New Source Corp is a stocking distributor of raw materials, primarily used in the aerospace industry.  Mindy will be offering up to the minute news articles,  introducing new industry standards for manufacturing.  New raw materials will be discussed and how they will be used in such things as office equipment to space crafts.  Very interesting reading for visitors to the site.
Sandstone Builders specializes in commercial construction remodel and renovation which is experiencing some growth around the country.  This is a good sign for his company prospects this year.  Sandstone is dedicated to providing “Green” practices which will be the centerpiece of new construction. More attention will be paid to environmental elements to protect the environment. Zoning codes are being re-vamped to reflect this new normal.  To stay current with new trends ahead, Sandstone Builders has chosen as their blogger, Claire Balgemann.  Claire is well known in our industry and will offer a new perspective each week on the future of the construction, both commercial and residential.
At InsideDesignOrlando, we are also expecting growth as well from those businesses looking for website development,  updates and re-designs to meet the new standards for 2013.  We are doing our part to spur the growth of business by developing beautiful and functional new business websites.
More and more of our new business website requests are for the new “Responsive Design Strategy.”   Both Morgan Law, P.A. and Falcon of the Nile Water Solutions (two new business clients) have requested responsive design.  Both sites are in progress and we look forward to the big “reveal” sometime in December.  Requests for Responsive Design has doubled since July of this year.  Less and less mobile design is requested.  The reason for this is probably due to the fact that Responsive sites adapt easily to all viewer devices, illiminating the need for an additional mobile platform.  Let’s stick together as we move toward a better year ahead.  Contact us for a custom quote … give your brand a new look for the new year.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
Words by:  John Fitzgerald Kennedy
As we leave you today we wish to offer our best to all of you for a relaxed and warm Thanksgiving holiday ahead.  We’ll all be with our families and enjoying the day.
Hurry back for more news you can use from our Design Wizards at InsideDesignOrlando.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
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